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101 Best Strange & Unusual Christmas Gifts for Men

We all have one or two lovable weirdos in our lives. They are a delight to spend time with but they are typically challenging to find a gift for. Instead of copping out with a wallet or some whiskey rocks, check out the best strange and unusual gifts for men, as chosen by a real-life weirdo (me).

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What Are Some of the Most Unusual Gifts for Men?

When you're shopping for the guys in your life, the simplest answer is not always the best. Most guys have been around the block in terms of gifts. For men like this, receiving another watch or a pair of headphones is equivalent to total defeat. For men like this, you need something unusual.

Something as offbeat and unique as they are. Something that they haven't been gifted ten times already. And that's exactly why we created this roundup. We threw out the tried and true gifts of whiskey rocks and novelty socks to sift out only the most standout gifts for men.

So what makes a unique gift? It is an esoteric object that only makes sense to a select few. Or it is a traditional object re-imagined to inspire new perspectives and uses. Basically, it is anything that you wouldn't find on a Walmart endcap display in December.

So there are a lot of ways to go about finding a unique gift. But the most important thing is to pick a gift that will stand out to him. That will show the recipient that they stand out to you.