11 Best Paraffin Wax Baths 2019: Your Easy Buying Guide

paraffin wax bath


My first exposure to a paraffin wax bath was at a spa, where I marveled at how relaxing the wax treatment for my hands actually was. Not only did my hands and fingers feel smooth, soft and very moisturized, post waxing, they immediately looked ten years younger – a total breakthrough for someone who struggles with cracked skin, especially at the knuckles.

What I didn’t realize, until doing a lot more research, is that a paraffin wax bath can have powerful therapeutic effects for those rehabilitating after serious hand and foot injuries, as well as those suffering from osteoarthritis on a long term basis.

In the case of dry, cracked skin, a paraffin wax bath helps soothe and soften even the roughest hands and feet, with a combination of moist heat and paraffin, which helps to deliver moisture from your body to the surface of your skin, naturally remoisturizing dry tissues.

The biggest benefit of these treatments is that the warm wax can fully coat every square inch of your hand or foot, delivering healing power in a way that a heat pack, combined with lotion, simply cannot. The trick is to dip your dry appendage five or six times, waiting just long enough between dips to let the wax begin to set up.

Once well-coated with melted paraffin, you quickly slip your hand into a plastic sleeve, and then slide on a thermal mitt or wrap it in a warm towel to deliver the best results. In 15 minutes, you’ll be amazed at the difference, and with regular treatments, real relief is at hand.

If you’d like to know what physical therapists really think, check out this video from two guys who claim to be the most famous PTs on the internet. Well, maybe. At least, if you haven’t used a paraffin wax bath, you’ll get a sense of how this therapy works.

You’ll want to be sure to use paraffin wax that’s actually intended for this purpose. Different waxes can have different melting points, and those that require more heat are more likely to burn you. You can also add essential oils to make your paraffin wax bath an aromatherapy treatment too.

And if you order a unit that doesn’t come as a kit, be sure to get the plastic liners, thermal mitts, and booties to maximize your results. Also, these paraffin wax machines make great gifts for seniors, so you might want to consider one for an aging parent or grandparent who suffers from arthritis. And if you’re looking for relief for yourself, any one of these Best Paraffin Wax Baths for Hands & Feet will leave your skin soft, and decrease your aches and pains.

therabath paraffin wax bath, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Deep immersion tank
  • Easy carry handles
  • Safety feature alleviates burn worries
Price: $189.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pink and white digital paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Huge wax capacity
  • Digital thermostat
  • Fits two feet or hands at once
Price: $79.93 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
parabath paraffin wax bath, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • One of the largest available
  • Comes with a supply of wax
  • Temperature controlled
Price: $236.16 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
waxwel paraffin wax bath, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with hand and foot mitts
  • Large tank capacity
  • Good for home or clinic
Price: $108.64 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
gigi wax warmer, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with six pounds of wax
  • Fast melt time
  • Digital temp control
Price: $122.40 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
White digital paraffin wax bath Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Metal lined tank
  • Five pound wax capacity
  • Fits foot up to men's size 14
Price: $79.88 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
pink and white paraffin wax bath Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with mitts for hands and feet
  • Wax melts super fast
  • Wide temperature range
Price: $52.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
conair paraffin spa, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Very affordable
  • Softens skin
  • Helps relieve pain
Price: $29.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
homedics paraffin bath, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Locking lid minimizes spills
  • Comes with wax included
  • Effectively relieves pain
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
paraffin wax works wax bath, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Big tank capacity
  • Includes thermal mitts and liners
  • Very well priced
Price: $49.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
revlon moisturizing paraffin bath, paraffin wax bath, paraffin bath, paraffin wax machine Amazon Customer Reviews
  • Comes with thermal mitts and liners
  • Variable temperature control
  • Big enough for hands and ebows
Price: $39.99 Shop at Amazon Shop now Read our review
Our Unbiased Reviews
  1. 1. Top Rated: Therabath Professional Thermotherapy Paraffin Bath

    • Deep immersion tank provides greater coverage for aching feet and hands
    • Soothes and moisturizes dry cracked skin
    • Always safe temperature mode alleviates worries about burns
    • Easy carry handles make this device portable
    • Bulkier size than some
    • Super expensive compared to many others
    • Doesn’t get wax as warm as some
    • No heat adjustability

    The Therabath paraffin wax bath is a wonderful answer to soothe away arthritis aches and pains, with a deep wax well that holds up to nine pounds of wax at a time. This paraffin bath keeps wax at an always safe temperature – designed to maintain the most effective therapeutic temperature range of 126 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The anodized aluminum tank is built for deep immersion, to better surround sore hands and feet with therapeutic warmth. Paraffin wax treatments are also the perfect way to manage dry, cracked skin because they draw the body’s own moisture to the skin’s surface, naturally hydrating it. Built with convenient side handles, this paraffin wax machine is easy to carry to any location throughout your home to make your thermotherapy treatments convenient and enjoyable.

    At roughly 14 inches by 8 inches, this paraffin bath is easy to store when not in use. It comes with an easy to understand instruction manual, as well as wax packs so your first treatment is available right after your machine arrives. Its pain-relieving effects are reflected in this machine’s extremely high consumer ratings.

  2. 2. Largest Wax Capacity: Relassy Paraffin Wax Machine

    • Eleven pound wax capacity makes it the largest reviewed
    • Digital thermostat offers a wide range of temperature selections
    • Alarm prompts you when wax is melted and at preferred temp
    • Easy to read large LED screen
    • Comes with just a little bit of poor quality wax
    • Too large for easy storage
    • Highest temperature ranges can burn skin

    If you’re looking for a paraffin wax bath that offers big capacity at a bargain price, this is definitely one worth considering. At less than $80, it offers a whopping 11 pound wax capacity, making it the largest of any reviewed. That means it’s large enough to accommodate two hands or two feet at one time.

    The digital temperature control is a huge bonus, because you can set it to the exact warmth that feels right for you – anywhere from 86 degrees to 185 degrees. Once your wax is melted to your desired temperature, this nifty warmer alerts you with an alarm, and then the bath stays at that consistent temperature during your therapy session. 

    It can moisturize skin as well as act as a pain relief device for aching joints and arthritis. Because it stimulates blood circulation, it’s also helpful in healing from injury and great for relieving stiffness in hands and feet. It comes with a small amount of wax included, but we’d recommend you order additional paraffin wax to go with it. 

    It does come with a few accessories including liners and mitts for hands and feet, as well as brushes for spot wax treatments. If you don’t want a machine quite this large, Relassy also makes a smaller paraffin wax machine that has a 6.6 pound wax capacity.

  3. 3. Parabath Paraffin Wax Bath

    • Includes paraffin wax with warmer
    • Thermostatically controlled to keep melted wax at the perfect temperature
    • Large deep tank makes it easy to immerse what hurts
    • Tank holds up to nine pounds of wax
    • Among the most costly of those reviewed
    • No adjustable temperature control
    • May be too large for some
    • Requires a lot of wax

    You can get warm moist heat right to where it hurts – joints, tissues and skin – with this Parabath paraffin wax bath. Equipped with a deep oversized, stainless steel tank, you can easily immerse your hands, feet, elbows and more. This paraffin wax machine is thermostatically controlled, keeping melted wax at a constant temperature between 126-134 degrees Fahrenheit, to give you the maximum therapeutic benefits.

    This wax bath has an insulated housing that acts to keep wax warm. While it comes with unscented paraffin included, you can always add a drop or two of essential oils to make your wax treatment an aromatherapy experience as well. This paraffin wax machine is also great for treating seriously dry skin.

    At 18 inches by 10.5 inches, this machine is one of the largest units available, and is widely used in both home and professional settings.

  4. 4. WaxWel Paraffin Wax Bath Kit

    • Great overall size
    • Durable enough for clinical use
    • Kit comes with wax, plastic liners and mitts for feet and hands
    • Auto temperature control keeps wax in the best therapeutic range
    • Somewhat expensive
    • Can’t regulate temperatures for personal preference
    • Some complaints of overheating
    • Poorly designed lid handle makes it easily dropped

    At 18 inches long, the WaxWel paraffin wax bath is one of the longest, accommodating a man’s foot up to size 12.5. This paraffin wax machine is made for clinical use, to alleviate arthritis, joint pain and cracked and dry skin. With a six pound capacity tank, that’s also wider than many, it can handle heavy duty use.

    A major highlight of this paraffin bath is that it comes in a kit. As you’ve read, therapeutic use has the best results when hands are dipped repeatedly, then covered in plastic and a warmth-retaining mitt. This allows the warm, moist heat to do its best work, easing aches and pains.

    This terrific kit includes 100 plastic liners, along with a terry cloth hand mitt and foot bootie, saving you some serious bank on the cost of having to stock up on those items separately. It also includes six pounds of citrus scented wax, the aroma of which helps to refresh your being.

    This paraffin wax bath kit can also be ordered with scent free wax, for about $15 less, but you can also get the kit with peach, wintergreen or rose blossom scented wax.

    And if you’re well stocked on wax, but simply need a replacement unit, you can get the warmer by itself for less than $90.

  5. 5. GiGi Digital Paraffin Wax Bath

    • Digital temperature control
    • Fast wax melt time
    • Can be used for arthritis pain as well as hair removal
    • Ergonomic foot grate included
    • A bit spendy
    • Some shelf life issues reported
    • Poor response from manufacturer when problems arise
    • Shorter warranty than many others in this price range

    This paraffin wax bath is a perfect solution for home or professional use with a six pound wax capacity. The GiGi wax warmer features an oversized steel tank that’s large enough for easy immersion of hands and wrists or feet and ankles. With a see through lid that locks in place, you can avoid spills when relocating this paraffin wax machine.

    A cool feature of this machine is the removable angled foot grate that allows ergonomic dipping of the affected foot, without adding to the pain and discomfort of the issue being treated. This unit also does double duty for salon use, and can be pressed into service for hand softening as well as hair removal.

    The digital temperature control allows you to set the perfect temperature for you or your clients’ needs, and different wax types. With a slightly narrower profile than many, set up space is more easily accommodated. This paraffin wax bath comes with six pounds of peach scented wax included.

  6. 6. LCL Beauty Deluxe Digital Paraffin Wax Bath

    • Nice, large capacity tank
    • Easy lift transparent lid
    • Super adjustable digital temperature control
    • Very well priced for a professional grade wax machine
    • Doesn’t come with wax
    • Very poor usage instructions included
    • Only a one year warranty

    Our favorite feature of this paraffin wax bath is the fully adjustable digital temperature control that gives you ultimate flexibility in determining the best and most advantageous wax temperature for your use. With an easy, button controlled thermostat, you have a temperature a range, from 95 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This paraffin bath can safely remain in use all day long – making it perfect for therapeutic and cosmetic use. The generous metal lined tank has a five pound capacity, or right around four and a half quarts of melted wax, and comes with a safety grill to ensure you or your client’s skin doesn’t come into contact with hot interior parts.

    The transparent lid has an easy to use handle, and the paraffin bath itself has indented side handles, making it simple and safe to move from place to place. This unit has a one year warranty. With fast wax melt time, you can press this paraffin wax machine into service almost immediately after it arrives.

  7. 7. Ejiubas Paraffin Wax Warmer

    • Very fast melting time at just 20 minutes for two pounds of wax
    • Adjustable temperature controls
    • Lots of accessories included
    • Very affordable
    • Smaller size doesn’t accommodate large feet
    • Wax temperatures can get too high, risking burns
    • Lid is not transparent and has a poor handle design
    • Minimal amount of wax included

    While smaller than many of the clinical paraffin wax baths we’ve discussed so far, this affordable paraffin wax machine is perfect for home use. With a 12.08 inch by 9.6 inch internal metal tank, this paraffin wax bath has roughly a two pound wax capacity and it comes with five bags of wax, or roughly 2.2 pounds.

    While it has a fairly fast melting time, (just 20 minutes for two pounds) thanks to the adjustable thermostat, being in a melt down hurry may mean you’ll have to delay treatment until the wax comes down to a safe and suitable temperature.

    This paraffin wax machine has a wide range of temperatures, so you can set it from 140 degrees to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, as you prefer, but be careful to test the temp before dunking your hands and feet.

    An infrared thermometer is a great option for testing temps. In addition to the warmer and wax, this set also includes a brush, spatula, plastic glove liners, thermal mitts for both hands and feet, a heat insulating grid and full instruction manual.

  8. 8. Most Affordable: True Glow by Conair Thermal Paraffin Wax Bath

    • Very affordable
    • Small and portable
    • Doesn’t require as much expensive paraffin wax
    • Fast melt time
    • Too small for larger hands and feet
    • Ill fitting lid
    • Wax can get too hot, causing wait time before using
    • No bottom grate to keep hands from hot heating area

    A super affordable option for wax therapy treatments at home, the True Glow by Conair paraffin wax bath features smaller dimensions, which means set up and storage are simpler. If you’re simply looking for a skin softening treatment, versus therapeutic pain relief (outside of your hands,) this paraffin wax bath makes it simple.

    This lightweight paraffin wax machine is easy to lift and move around, and despite its diminutive nine inch by 5.6 inch tank size, you can still dip hands, heels, elbows, and smaller feet with ease. With a two hour wax melt time, and a pound of aloe vera infused paraffin included, you’ll be on your way to smooth skin in no time.

    This paraffin wax bath doesn’t come with temperature controls, so you’ll need to check the melted temp before dipping your hands, to avoid potential burns.

  9. 9. HoMedics ParaSpa Plus Paraffin Wax Bath

    • Very affordable
    • Good for both pain and dry skin relief
    • Comes with wax and plastic liners
    • Removable grate to keep fingers and feet away from the heating element
    • Long wax melting time
    • Wax can get too hot
    • Smaller size isn’t great for larger hands and feet
    • No temperature control

    A winning attribute of the HoMedics ParaSpa paraffin wax bath is the locking lid, which means spills are no longer a concern. That’s a biggie, if you’ve ever tried to get wax off a wood table or your carpet.

    The wide open tank makes your treatments especially easy, and this paraffin wax machine comes with a bottom liner, that keeps your feet and hands away from the heating element. While the tank is fairly small, if you’re careful, you can dip your feet in from front to back.

    The warm wax heats well enough to do therapeutic hand treatments for arthritis and joint pain, and the simple on/off switch leaves you free to do other things while your wax is melting. For optimal performance, you’ll need to heat the wax with the cover locked in place.

    This paraffin wax bath comes with three pounds of unscented hypoallergenic wax, as well as 20 plastic liners.

  10. 10. Paraffin Wax Works Quick Heat Therapeutic Paraffin Wax Bath Kit

    • Melts wax super fast
    • Features more than one heat setting
    • Larger than many similarly priced units
    • Automatic shut off feature
    • Poor fitting, flimsy lid
    • Can’t accommodate larger feet
    • High setting is too hot for anything but melting
    • Limited one year warranty

    With a super fast heat up of just 45 minutes, the paraffin wax bath from Paraffin Wax Works is one of the fastest home use units we’ve reviewed, and it offers some temperature adjustability, with both low and high settings. This paraffin wax machine holds up to five pounds of wax, which makes it among the larger devices for personal use.

    While it’s a bit heavier, it feels somewhat more sturdy than other similarly priced brands. After melting your wax, you simply turn the unit to the low setting and allow the wax bath to cool for about 15 minutes prior to use. You’ll have softer hands and feet, and less joint pain with regular treatments, although the tank won’t accommodate larger feet.

    It does come with a protective tray for the bottom of the tank to avoid getting sensitive skin too near the heating unit. We love the fact that it has an automatic shutoff feature, which alleviates worries about leaving it on too long. This kit includes one pound of lavender-infused paraffin, two thermal mitts, 50 mitt liners and a safety tray.

  11. 11. Revlon Moisturizing Paraffin Wax Bath

    • Variable temperatures
    • Reasonably fast wax melt time
    • Comes with liners, mitts and wax
    • Very affordable
    • Wax can be too on the highest setting
    • Doesn’t melt as quickly as claimed
    • Lid design is lacking
    • Some shelf life issues reported

    Softer, smoother skin is literally at your fingertips with this paraffin wax bath from Revlon. At less than forty bucks, it’s a great option for home use, and a huge plus is the variable heat setting option which allows you to use the wax treatments at an optimal temperature for you.

    Crank it to high for melting wax in 60 minutes, then turn it down to medium or warm to dip dry hands and feet. While the wax tank isn’t quite big enough for larger feet, you can always dip in heels and then toes, to soften and soothe.

    This paraffin wax kit comes with three pounds of lightly scented wax, 30 plastic liners, and two thermal mitts to help hold in heat after dipping. This makes wax treatments for your hands and feet something you can do daily, without the time and expense of going to a spa.

While you can use a slow cooker or regular pan to melt your wax, we'd highly recommend a paraffin wax machine, like those on this list, to accomplish that process. Why? Because these devices are specifically created for this use, so you'll have fewer worries about overheating your wax, and getting burned as a result. And don't confuse them with the kind of wax warmers and treatments for face and body hair removal, because these are a whole different deal.

It's not only spas providing paraffin wax therapy these days. You'll discover many physical therapists are also using paraffin wax baths to enhance circulation and speed recovery from injury. And when it comes to arthritis relief, we've long known that warm water and hot showers can help to relieve pain, but their downside is that they also dry out your skin.

If you're looking for therapeutic versus cosmetic treatments (not to discount the discomfort of dry cracked skin) we'd recommend one of the first five paraffin wax baths on this list. They are more robust, with larger metal tanks that can hold more melted wax.

That makes them suitable for knees, elbows, and even men's larger feet. These are geared for professional use, but at the price, they're not out of reach for your home. Granted, they will take up a bit more counter space, but their deeper tanks make it far easier to provide a soothing wax bath for larger areas, including forearms and ankles.

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