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15 Best Home Office Decorating and Organization Ideas

When you’re working from home, you need a space that can closely mirror your office environment. It needs to be a place that is conducive to productivity, yet also comfortable. Also, since it’s your home after all, there’s no reason why your office can’t also reflect your unique personality and your fantastic decorative style. With a little effort, It can look as cool as your game room or your home music room.

If you’re wondering where on earth you’re going to put a home office, we’ve got you covered on that front as well. At the bottom of the article, we’ve included tips from a home organization expert on how to carve out office space in your home.

But first, these are the 15 best home office decorating and organization ideas.

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Tips for Setting Up a Home Office

A home office can be convenient and practical place to work. However, we realize that some people may not have a designed area, and may be wondering how to find adequate space. We reached out to Jennifer Quinn Williams of St. Louis Closet Co. for tips on how to carve out space.

She recommends starting simple. “If you are struggling to maximize your space, think about adding cabinets and drawers,” she says. This will provide space for everything from pens to binders. “If your keyboard is taking up too much room, install a pull-out keyboard tray to alleviate those claustrophobic concerns.” There are also many Macbook and other laptop accessories that can help you save space.

Repurposing Rooms to Find Office Space

Next, Williams recommends making use of craft units. “While craft centers are perfect for arts and crafts, scrapbooking, wrapping, and sewing – they can also double as a home office.” In other words, she says you should put your sewing machine off to the side for now and plug your laptop. “There is plenty of counter, shelf, and drawer space around you with a few slight rearrangements to be made.” Add chic storage chests and trunks to provide decorative storage options.

Another option is to revamp a spare bedroom. “Typically known for being the ‘storage space,’ a spare bedroom can be anything that you want it to be - so why not make it into your home office?” Williams says she knows how hard it is to focus if you don’t have the right workspace.  “Move out all of the junk and set up your desk before it becomes a home gym first.”

If you don’t have a “spare” bedroom, consider making your guest room multifunctional. “Add a Murphy bed to create a workspace where you can keep your home office running, while offering a bed to guests whenever they come knocking.”  

Blending Office Decor

Here’s something else to consider. If your home office is in a room with a door that you can close, your design and decoration options can be more liberal. However, if it’s an open space that can be viewed from other parts of the home, you need to keep it neat and clean. Also, you need to ensure that it matches the rest of the home’s design and décor style.

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