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15 Best Tabletop Christmas Trees of 2023

I love tiny, tabletop Christmas trees. They’re fun, they’re cute, and they’re the perfect decoration whether or not you have room in your home for a full-size tree. A half Christmas tree with one flat side that sits flush against a wall is another good option if you’re tight on space.

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What Can You Do With a Tabletop Christmas Tree?

  • Decorate your desk and make your office-mates jealous.
  • Use as a centerpiece for your holiday feast.
  • Put it under your larger Christmas tree to create Tree-Ception.
  • Let your kids' toys have their very own to-scale Christmas tree.
  • Gift matching miniature trees to long-distance friends and family so you can all symbolically gather around the same tree.
  • Use as part of your Christmas toy train or miniatures landscape.
  • Let your kids have their very own tree for their room as a holiday nightlight.
  • As the perfect Christmas decoration for anywhere really.

Beyond a love of miniatures, whether you're avoiding a large tree due to a pine allergy, space constraints, or budget (22 percent of Americans polled predicted their Christmas spending would land them in debt), you are far from alone. And tiny Christmas trees are awesome.

Can I Decorate My Small Christmas Tree With Lights?

Yup, the key thing is going to be choosing lights that run on a hidable battery pack that way you don't have to manage how to run a cord from an outlet up to your tree. 

For a vintage look, try these LED Bubble Lights. The round plastic dome gives it a softer look and the larger lights remind me of chunkier traditional tree lights. They come in multi-color and white. The sit includes a remote to control the power and pre-set flashing patterns.

For something more delicate, pick up some string fairy lights like this Color-Changing LED String Lights set. The lights themselves are tiny but you get a bunch of them on the 31 feet of fine wire. You can control the color of these lights from the included remote and switch between 13 different color options as well as a few pre-set flashing modes.