Coker: Strikeforce Is Run By Scott Coker

In an interview with Yahoo Sports’ Dave Meltzer, Strikeforce President Scott Coker cleared the air as to who really runs the organization.

Coker also wanted to make clear who is calling the shots in the promotion. White, when talking about Strikeforce, always uses the term Showtime and the name of Showtime Sports vice president Ken Hershman, claiming they are the ones really running the show.

“Strikeforce is run by Scott Coker, along with our management team,” Coker said. “Ken Hershman is good for the sport. His commitment to the sport benefits everyone. The fans have more options. The fighters have more options. When fighters become free agents, they’re going to get some of them and we’re going to get some of them. But Strikeforce is run by me and our management committee.”

On occasion, UFC President Dana White has inferred that the organization is really being run by Showtime, and more specifically, Ken Hershman.  Coker takes the opportunity with Meltzer to set the record straight and to also defend Hershman, his business partner.  In the interview, he also talks “The Brawl” as well as their ongoing saga with Fedor Emelianenko.

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