Pat Miletich: If Frank Shamrock Wants to Fight, We’ll Fight


As a guest on last night’s The Ground and Pound radio show, UFC veteran and current Strikeforce commentator Pat Miletich talked about his rumored bout with Frank Shamrock.

“The last I heard they were in discussions with Frank. We had a verbal agreement and that’s as far as it got. I’d love to do it. I think it would be a lot of fun. I can only control what I can put my hands on, and that’s what I’m focused on.”

Since both Frank and Pat commentate for Strikeforce, if they were to fight, who would be left to commentate their scrap? “It’d be kind of a cool concept…put some mics in our cups and we’d commentate our own fight.”

So will the fans ever get to see this fight happen? “(Frank) just kind of made sense, because we had talked and jawed back and forth. I joked around about taking his braces off for free. I wouldn’t send him a bill for that at all. There was talk of us fighting when we were both UFC champs. We’ll see. Do I think he’d do well against me? Probably not. I don’t think he can take me down. He can’t stop a takedown. He’s not going to outbox me. He cant submit. It’s not going to go well for him. That may be something that’s weighing on his mind. I’m not saying anything bad about him, I’m just stating facts. I’m done calling him out, if he wants to fight, we’ll fight.”

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