Tom Lawlor Just Likes To Have Fun

As our boy Ben Fowlkes over at MMA Fighting discovered, it’s almost impossible to get a straight answer out of UFC middleweight Tom Lawlor. That’s what makes him so endearing. In a world filled with the same answers to the same tired questions, Lawlor throws a wrench into the proceedings, making things much more interesting in the process.

Take, for instance, Lawlor’s explanation for what he did with his Fight of the Night bonus money (from his bout with Aaron Simpson at Fight Night 20 earlier this year): “Sometimes I buy drugs and throw them away just to help the local economy and keep drugs off the street. So I’m blowing my money in a lot of different ways.”

Or his biggest regret from that fight weekend in Fairfax, Virginia: “The biggest problem was that the fight was in Fairfax (Virginia) and there was nowhere really to drink afterwards. There were also no fast food places open, so I had to buy twenty dollars worth of candy in the hotel lobby. It was a mess.”

Check out the whole interview. It’s well worth your time.

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