White Confident He’ll Sign Jake Shields

The most interesting moment of “Aldo vs. Faber” may have been when the cameras caught UFC President Dana White sitting next to current Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields.

Shields’ contract with Strikeforce is up soon and White has made no bones about the fact that he would like to bring one of the world’s top middleweights to the UFC.

Shields has been fighting at 185 pounds in Strikeforce but could move down to welterweight in the UFC, where a mega fight with 170-pound king Georges St-Pierre looms.

Having Shields sitting next to him for the world to see wasn’t enough for White. In true Dana White fashion, once the two were caught on camera together, the UFC President pointed to Shields and said “He’s mine.”

At the WEC 48 press conference, White expanded on his desire to add Shields to the UFC roster. According to White, he’s just biding his time for now.

“The deal with Shields is that there’s some discrepancy as to whether it’s 45 or 60 days he has left on his contract,” White told a group of reporters. “So he can work that out with the knuckleheads (Strikeforce) and when he does, we’ll jump in there. I’m very confident that he’s going to be with the UFC.”

Fedor aside, White is a man who usually gets what he wants. This story should get a lot more interesting over the next month or so. Stay tuned.