‘Modern Family’ Star Ed O’Neill, Dana White Talk MMA With ‘Barfly’ Host Mark Kriegel (Part IV)

Catch Parts IV now, Parts I-III in archives

Acclaimed national sports columnist Mark Kriegel has a unique show at FoxSports.com – “Barfly.” In it, Kriegel talks with guest athletes, celebs and analysts over food and drinks to talk sports.

And last week, Kriegel sat down with UFC president Dana White and Ed O’Neill, the legendary Ed Bundy from “Married With Children” who currently is starring on “Modern Family” – and who, by the way, happens to be a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who has trained under Rorian Gracie.

Check out Part IV of this four-part video series. In Part I, O’Neill and Kriegel discussed the excitement of a UFC event and what went down at UFC 145. In Part II, O’Neill and Kriegel are joined for dinner by White to talk about the evolution of the UFC athlete. In Part III, the group discusses performance enhancing drugs in mixed martial arts and sports in general. And in today’s wrap-up, White shares a great tale from a recent encounter with Floyd Mayweather.

Make sure to check the archives for the last three episodes of a special MMA edition of “Barfly,” courtesy of FoxSports.com.

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