Russian ‘Gay Milk’ Ad Sparks Protests

Russian Gay Milk Ad Sparks Protest

You see that ad above? Apparently that’s enough to get Russian anti-gay activists to picket PepsiCo. Which is crazy pants to begin with, but what’s even crazier is that the protests aren’t over the fact that the brand is called “Gay Milkman” (Vesyoly Molochnik in Russian) because the term vesyoly (which means gay) doesn’t have any homosexual connotation. The protests are because the ad has a rainbow in it. A rainbow.

Skittles is totally f**ked.

The activists claim that the rainbow is the international symbol of the gay movement, what they don’t realize is that it’s also a rainbow. I wonder if their next move is to get Lucky Charms banned.

Frankly, the worst part is that they’re missing out on what is clearly the most offensive part of this advertisement, which how terrible it is. It’s a terrible drawing. The milkman looks like Chef Boyardee’s short bus younger brother.

I think they should really just count their blessings here. I mean, it’s just regular milk with a rainbow in the ad. When I hear the words “Russian Gay Milk,” I imagine something much hairier and penisier. So, Russian anti-gay activists, just be glad it’s milk and not Butters’ Creamy Goo.