Tattooed-Eyeball Skull Face Freak Shoots Cop in Bathroom Ambush

james barnum eyeball tattoo alaska

It’s guys like this who give face tattoos a bad name.

Jason Walter Barnum — who has an eyeball tattooed black, a half-face of skull ink and another skull tat atop his bald head — allegedly shot a cop from inside a motel bathroom during a wild shootout in the sh*thole city of Anchorage, Alaska.

Jason Barnum eyeball tattoo cop anchorage

Around 11:30 a.m. Thursday three of Anchorage’s Finest were probing some smash-and-grabs in the Merrill Field Inn’s parking lot. Security cam footage led them to Room 209. They went in, saw a stolen gun, handcuffed some guy namd Sam, and heard some skank named Stephanie fake-puking in the bathroom.

They commanded her to emerge. As she did, skull-tattoo-face guy — surprise, he was in there too — opens fire from behind her. Cops shoot back. Hell breaks loose. The cops make it out with Sam and Stephanie while tattoo-face guy holes up in the room.

The lovely Merrill Field Inn in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. (Google Street View)

A cop takes a flesh wound (the bullet grazed his back by slipping inside his kevlar vest) while Barnum gets plugged in the arm, smashing the bone.

Now every cop in Alaska shows up, including a SWAT team. They talk Black Eye Skull Face out of the room around 1 p.m.

Cops say this 37-year-old freak show is a heroin addict who, predictably, acted unpredictably.

“Someone just blasting away from behind a door, that’s unusual,” Anchorage Police Chief Mark Mew said.

Barnum was arraigned Friday on charges of attempted murder and third-degree assault. His bail is $500,000 cash.

Eyeball Tattoo Jason Walter Barnum

Barnum told cops he funds his smack habit by robbing homes and stealing cars. They think he’s behind a rash of burglaries in several neighborhoods — most committed while the owners were home.

But burglar smack addicts are a dime a dozen in Anchorage. What makes this guy even remotely interesting is his effed-up mashup of tattoos. He can’t decide if he’s a zombie, Nazi, Viking or Hindu.

A Facebook photo shows off some more of his ink, plus his blinged-out necklace: a combined iron cross and swastika. Who says Anchorage-ites don’t know fashion?

tattoo eyeball alaska

Sources: Daily News, Alaska Dispatch

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