Jodi Arias Gives Several Interviews Right After Pleading for Life

The jury hadn’t even begun leaving the room on Tuesday before Jodi Arias, who had just finished pleading for her life, signed off on a series of media interviews.

NBC affiliate News Channel 5’s Mark Curtis and Michael Kiefer interviewed her, asking several questions about her feelings toward the jury, whether she is sorry, and the difference between Heaven and Hell and which one she thinks she’s going to.

Arias tells News Channel 5 that she did have feelings on capital punishment before her trial but wished not to say what they were. She confirmed to ABC News that she does not believe in capital punishment.

ABC News interview Jodi Arias

During her interview with, when asked about whether she thinks she was given a fair trial, she says no. “…I felt betrayed actually [by the jury].” Asked whether she considers her life as “Good Girl Gone Bad,” she says, “I still made my own sovereign choices but they were highly influenced…I’m not ‘bad’ I just made awful choices…I just didn’t have a good sense of myself.”

Arias is awaiting the jury’s decision on whether to sentence her to death or life in prison.

The expectation is that Arias may be sentenced today because the jury has been very quick about everything in this trial. She thinks that “the worst part is witnessing all of the pain that I put everyone through,” and “it’s something I will be trying to process until my last day.”

Watch the interview below.

Arias says she is still spiritual, but where she stands on religion, even though she’s baptized Mormon, is something she must still figure out. “I don’t believe in Hell as in the traditional way. I believe in forgiveness and mercy and second chances.”

As she mentioned in one of the interviews she did, with Amy Murphy of abc15, and tweeted earlier this morning:

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