LIVE STREAM: George Zimmerman Trial Day One

Defense and state attorney O'Mara and De La Rionda

Today is day one in the trial of George Zimmerman, who is charged with the killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. We will be covering it live minute-by-minute as jury selection and regular trial procedures happen. Watch the live stream here and follow the live blog below.

Court in Recess until 2:00 PM

Side Bar George Zimmerman Trial

Update 1:30 PM EST:

Court has resumed and judge as well as lawyers continue sifting through juror questionnaires.

Update 12:41 PM EST:

Trayvon Martin’s family and lawyers ask for peace during the trial as trial began two hours ago.

Trayvon Martins Family plead for peace before trial

Update 12:28 PM EST:

Court recess for lunch until 1:30 PM, Jury to return at 2:00 PM

Update 12:15 PM EST:

Trayvon’s Martin looks down as lawyers go through the jury selection process

martins family

Update 12:12 PM EST:
Judge helps in sifting through the questionnaires, while Zimmerman’s wife looks on.

George Zimmerman's wife

Update 12:07 PM EST:

Lights went off for a few seconds in the courtroom.

Update 12:00 PM EST:

Judge orders all media microphones off while attorneys sift through questionnaires.

O'Mara George Zimmerman

Update 11:56 AM EST:

Letters being separated into piles according to responses. Meanwhile signs are leaned against the gates outside

Update 11:53 AM EST:

Both parties are working through jury questionnaires right now
George Zimmerman Trial questionnaires

Update 11:32 AM EST:

“My mother raised us to respect all people, we are American after all.”

Update 11:30 AM EST:

“George is a likable person not the monster flashed before your screen, he is honest and human.”

robert zimmerman 2
Update 11:28 AM EST:

“The case has been turned into one about race and the laws that were supposed to protect George were violated” (translated from Spanish)

Update 11:26 AM EST:

“The charge was based around race and the case has been defiled.”

Update 11:19 AM EST:

“I am happy to engage the press here because I am safe here”

Robert Zimmerman

Update 11:13 AM EST:

Robert Zimmerman will take questions in two minutes

Update 11:11 AM EST:

First 21 potential jurors to be bought up to the jury box soon in order to be questioned individually.

Update 10:50 AM EST:

Court is still in recess, but Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmermans brother, keeps his thousands of followers on twitter updated.

Update 10:48 AM EST:

Update 10:20 AM EST:

Meanwhile as we wait for court to resume protesters gather outside.

Update 9:12 AM EST

Judge will hand over revised questionnaires to counsel to review. Court takes a recess.

Update 9:10 AM EST:
De La Rionda has no objection to avoiding mentioning certain words during jury selection at O’Mara’s request.

Update 9:08 AM EST:

Judge Nelson denies third motion for continuance and the States motion to compel has been resolved.

Judge Nelson Zimmerman Trial