Odin Lloyd: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Odin Lloyd, 27, is the victim at the center of the Aaron Hernandez murder-charge. Lloyd was killed on June 17, shot to death in a gangland style killing. His body was found with five bullet wounds at an industrial park less than a mile from the home of former-New England Patriot, Aaron Hernandez.

Here’s what you need to know about him…

1. Lloyd Was Partying With Hernandez on the Weekend he Was Killed

On Friday night, Hernandez was at a Boston-area bar, Cube, with Odin Lloyd, reports Fox 25. On this night, Hernandez had become “upset” with Lloyd because he was talking with a group of men who the former-NFL star regarded as enemies.

It’s report that only three men returned to Hernandez’s home that night, and Lloyd was not one of them, according to prosecutors . The semi-pro football star had not been seen by his uncle, who he lived with on Fayston street (below), since Sunday night.

Lloyd’s home is about 30 miles away from where his body was found near Hernandez’s home:

Lloyd’s body was identified by his mother, Ursula Ward.

Ward spoke today to ESPN, saying:

I want the person that killed my son to be brought to justice. That’s my first-born child, my only boy child, and they took him away from me. … I wouldn’t trade him for all the money in the world. And if money could bring him back I would give this house up to bring my son back. Nothing can bring my son back.

2. Lloyd Was Reportedly Dating Hernandez’s Girlfriend’s Sister

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

A neighbor of Lloyd’s told WBZ that it was known in their neighborhood, in Fayston Street in Boston, that he was dating the sister of Aaron Hernandez’s girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, Shanea Jenkins.

Detectives had difficulty in locating Jenkins in the immediate aftermath of Lloyd’s homicide, but ABC News says investigators have spoken to her as of Wednesday evening.

Shayanna Jenkins is the mother to Hernandez’s daughter, Avielle Janelle, born in November 2012. At that time Hernandez gave an interview in which he stated:

Another one is looking up to me. I can’t just be young and reckless Aaron no more. I’m gonna try to do the right things, become a good father.

3. Lloyd Was Friends With Patriots Players

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

Another said that Lloyd would regularly let people know that he was friends with members of the Patriots football team. He could be seen driving fancy cars that were decked out in regalia related to the Patriots.

4. Lloyd Was a Semi-Pro Football Star

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

Since 2007 Lloyd has been playing for the semi-pro Boston Bandits. His coach, Oliver Bustin, in an interview with the Boston Globe described Lloyd as:

We had our first scrimmage on Saturday night, he participated. He played well. Was in good spirits. He was helping mentor a younger player.

He was a very personable player, every person on our team got along with him. I can’t remember any player having any beef with him.

The Boston Bandits have paid tribute to Lloyd on their Facebook page.

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

5. A Neighbor Spoke of How Tough Lloyd Was

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

Lloyd was known in his neighborhood, a neighbor, Kevin Mallory, said he was in good shape, worked out regularly at a local park and:

Of everybody on this street he was the one who could take care of himself, so there had to be some shaky stuff if he was the guy killed.

Another neightbor, Keith Roy, told WHDH:

Great guy, that’s all I’ve got to say, he’s a great, great guy…awesome guy. Always happy, [The family] is heartbroken…who wouldn’t be?

6. Detectives Are Not Ruling Out the Possibility That Lloyd’s Murder Was Drug-Related

Boston.com reports:

Two law enforcement sources briefed on the investigation said detectives are trying to determine whether the man’s death is drug-related.

Lloyd had two criminal charges brought against him in 2008 and 2010 which were both dismissed.

Lloyd’s neighborhood, Fayston Street, is featured in this video detailing Boston’s toughest streets:

7. The Boston Bandits Have Have Suffered an ‘Inordinate’ Amount of Tragedy

An entire section of the Bandits’ site is dedicated to fallen team mates. The section lists the Bandits’ players who died prematurely:

RIP Derrick Rucker

Derrick Rucker graduated from West Roxbury HS and the University of Illinios . He was a standout player with the EFL Randolph Oilers prior to joining the NEFL Boston Bandits in 2000. Although he only played two years with the Bandits, his poise and leadership on the field made him a player all of his teammates could look up to in the heat of the battle, on the field and off. His play was instrumental in helping the Bandits win their first Championship in 2001. He told Head Coach Bustin that what made him most proud about the team’s play was that it demonstrated to others that an inner city team could play together and win. In fact the last thing he said to the coach after a regional tournament loss was not to worry, that “we’ll (the Bandits) be back again next year”.

Unfortunately, Derrick would never wake from his sleep after his workday on February 16, 2002 when an electrical fire between floors took his life. He left behind his daughter, Brianna Rucker, and teammates that will always remember him. The Bandits have held a game in his honor annually since 2002 with the proceeds of the game going to his daughter’s scholarship fund. Players honor him with the #31 on their helmets. He was inducted into the NEFL Hall of Fame in the spring of 2005.

Odin Lloyd Aaron Hernandez Murder Probe Dead Body Boston Bandits.

Derrick Rucker pictured with his daughter Brianna. Photo via BostonBandits.org.

RIP #94 Jeff Ibenewenka

On October 12th, 2006 Jeff Ibenewenka #94, a Bandit rookie with great potential, was senselessly murdered in Hyde Park. He leaves behind a daughter and a team that will always remember him for his enthousiasm for a game he had never played before and a natural ability to make plays and his teammates laugh. You will be missed!

February 2008. Justice is served, Jeff’s killer is found guilty and sentenced to life without parole!

RIP #72 Jason “Juicy” Mitchell

Jason Kevin Mitchel was born Sept 22, 1970 in Boston, graduated from Madison Park HS in 1990 and went onto Savannah State College. While at Madison and with the Boston Bandits, he was a formidable offensive and defensive lineman. He played seven years with the Bandits, earning 4 Super Bowl titles. After retiring in 2006, he went on to coach the Dorchester Eagles Pop Warner Football team. He passed on May 6, 2008 leaving behind his wife, Laura, three children, a step-daughter and a huge number of friends and family his life touched!.

RIP #95 Cedric Warren

DE Cedric “The Beast” Warren was killed in a car accident Tuesday night, April 14th in Charlestown, MA. In his first full season with the Bandits in 2008, he won the Defensive Playmaker Award at the end of the year banquet. He leaves behind a daughter and a child on the way. He will be missed both on and off the field.

RIP #68 Brent “BJ” Smith

Brent (aka BJ) Smith Passed Away In His Sleep in December 2009. He Leaves Behind A Baby Boy And A Wife here in MA and a child in Canada. He Was Only 34 Years Old. He was known for his infectious smile and laugh, but was a fierce competitor on the field. He worked with children, was a chef and coached high school football.

8. A Neighborhood is in Mourning

The Boston Globe reports today that Odin Lloyd was Fayston Street’s “star.”

His family who live on the “gritty edge of Blue Hill Avenue,” and Fayston Street, have roots in Antigua and have been taking visitors all day to pay tribute to a well-known figure in their neighborhood. One of Lloyd’s cousins, Genevor Monell, told the Boston Globe:

This is hurting his mother, that’s her only son. She’s a loving mother. … Yes, we are in the ‘hood, but she works hard and raised a good man.

A neighbor said:

Let’s not forget that he is the victim, when you are dealing with these cases involving big-name people, the victim gets lost. Everybody is talking about the celebrity, but the victim gets lost.

9. Hernandez Has Been Charged With the Crime

Aaron Hernandez was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd as well as five other gun-related charges. He is pleading not guilty. According to prosecutor, Sam Sutter, Odin Lloyd’s body was found with multiple gun shot wounds, to his arms, side and chest. There is no indication that Lloyd’s death was related to a robbery, the a spare set of keys to the mysterious rental car that was registered to Hernandez were found on Lloyd’s person. When Hernandez returned the car, a rental-agent, upon completing a routine investigation of the vehicle found a shell casing and a piece of Bubblicious gum.

10. The Murder Weapon is Missing

The prosecution does not have a murder weapon, but .45 caliber ammunition recovered from Hernandez’s home matches the gun that would have killed Lloyd.

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