100 Students Brawl Outside a Harrisburg High School; Shots Fired

A massive 100 plus person brawl occurred outside John Harris High School in Pennsylvania this morning, reports ABC 27.

This is a breaking story so please stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what we know so far…

1. There Were No Gun Shot Victims

According to CBS 21, “several shots were fired.” But no injuries are being reported yet.

2. The Fight Occurred After Classes Were Dismissed

The brawl happened just after noon local time. The school was on a half-day today, the fight broke out after school had been dismissed.

3. The Participants in the Fight Fled the Scene

Police have already vacated the scene. No shots were fired on campus, gunfire occurred down the street.

4. The Fight May Have Involved a Large Amount of Girls

An eyewitness explains what she saw.

5. There is no Indication of a Motive For the Brawl

Harrisburg is known to have a gang problem.

Harrisburg High School Shooting, Brawl outside Pennsylvania High School, Shooting no injuries in Harrisburg High School.

(Patriot News)

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