Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife ‘Pulls Gun From Her Vagina, Threatens to Shoot Boyfriend’

Cormac McCarthy Ex Vagina Gun Jennifer McCarthy nee Winkley, hid a gun in her vagina, Cormac McCarthy's Ex Argued About Space Aliens

(Santa Fe Adult Detention Center)

Jennifer McCarthy, 48, the ex-wife of award-winning writer Cormac McCarthy, was arrested and charged in a bizarre incident at her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on January 4, reports The Santa Fe – New Mexican. She’s accused of threatening to shoot her boyfriend after producing a gun she was keeping in her vagina.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Couple Had Been Arguing About Space Aliens

Without going into too much detail, the criminal complaint against McCarthy states that she and her boyfriend had been arguing about “space aliens.” It escalated to the extent that McCarthy left their house on Adventura Road in Santa Fe (above) for a period of time on Saturday, January 4. When she returned, she went into the couple’s bedroom, reappeared wearing lingerie and with a silver handgun in her vagina. In front of the man, whose name is redacted in documents, she began masturbating with the gun while asking him, “Who is crazy, you or me?”

She then pointed the gun at her boyfriend, and threatened to kill him. The man was able to wrestle the gun away from her and then called police.

2. Her Boyfriend Put the Gun in the Trash

After getting control of the gun, he put the Smith & Wesson handgun down the toilet, when McCarthy made an attempt to get it out, he brought it to the trash outside of the home. McCarthy was taken into custody charged with assault, she was released after posting a $5,000 bail. You can read the full document here, via Smoking Gun:

3. She’s the Ex-Wife of Cormac McCarthy

Cormac McCarthy Ex Vagina Gun Jennifer McCarthy nee Winkley, hid a gun in her vagina, Cormac McCarthy's Ex Argued About Space Aliens

Cormac McCarthy. (Getty)

According to reports, Jennifer Winkley married legendary author Cormac McCarthy in Nevada in January 1998. The couple have a son, John, together. The divorced in Texas in 2006. Her writer former-husband is notoriously private, but latest reports say that he lives in Tesuque, New Mexico, close to Santa Fe where his ex-wife was arrested. In rare interviews, Cormac McCarthy has said that his son, John, is his inspiration for the seminal novel The Road.

4. She’s an Artist With a Degree in Literature

On her LinkedIn page, she says that she is an artist. A news article from 1998, states that she has a degree from the University of El Paso in American andEnglish literature. It also states that she liked to work out at Gold’s Gym in Cormac McCarthy.

5. Her Official Website Quotes Byron

On the “Artist Statement” section of her website, recites a line from sex-crazed poet Lord Byron’s work, “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage, Canto 1,” that reads:

But in man’s dwelling he became a thing
Restless and worn, and stern and wearisome
Drooped as the wild-born falcon with
Clipped wing
To whom the boundless air alone were home

Then came his fit again, which to o’ercome
As eagerly the barred up bird will beat
His breast and beak against his wiry dome
Til the blood tinge his plumage, so the
Of his impeded soul would through his
Bosom eat

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