Robert Honsch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Robert Honsch has been arrested and charged with the murders of his wife and daughter in Connecticut and Massachusetts all the way back in 1995, reports NBC Connecticut. The arrest came after a joint effort involving the New York State Police, the Massachusetts State Police and New Britain Police. Robert Honsch is reported to be 70 years old.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Honsch Moved to Ohio & Started a New Life in 1995

Honsch had escaped the area after the deaths of his family in ’95, he moved to Ohio and changed his name to Robert Tyree. He remarried and had kids. Honsch was arrested and held in Wooster, Ohio, on July 23.

2. His Wife & Daughter Were Both Shot in the Head

Marcia Honsch Murder

Marcia Honsch was found near Tolland State Forest in south west Massachusetts. (Google Maps)

Cops couldn’t identify Honsch’s wife, Marcia, or his daughter, Elizabeth, as the victims in the two murders, since they were found both were just referred to as “Jane Doe.” Elizabeth was found shot to death in a shopping mall in New Britain, Connecticut. A week later, Marcia Honsch, was found shot in the head in Tolland, Massachusetts, reports Fox Connecticut. Police at the time determined that Marcia Honsch had been dead for around eight days by the time she was found around 40 miles away from her daughter. In 2011, it had been reported that the “Jane Does” were likely related.

3. Marcia & Elizabeth Weren’t Reported Missing Until June 2014

It was only through recent DNA testing that Elizabeth and Marcia Honsch were identified as being related. Only in June 2014 did Marcia Honsch’s family report her missing. It isn’t clear why they waited so long to do so.

4. The Family Used to Live Together in New York

At the time of their deaths, the Honsch family lived in Brewster, New York. Elizabeth Honsch was just 17 when she was killed where as Marcia was 52.

5. There Were Other Murders Around the Same Area

NBC Connecticut points out that in 2007, three other women were discovered murdered close to where Elizabeth Honsch was found. It isn’t clear if the crimes are related.

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