Ottawa Parliament Shootings: The Videos You Need to See

At around 10 am EDT this morning, a man armed with a rifle shot a soldier at Ottawa’s War Memorial.

Since then, shootings were also reported in the Centre Block of the Parliament Building and near the Rideau Centre mall.

At 1.45 pm, the Ottawa police reported that contrary to earlier reports, “no incident occurred near the Rideau Centre”.

Ottawa Police also confirmed that the soldier who was shot at the War Memorial had died, and that one male suspect was also deceased. No one was reported to be in custody.


This footage from a Globe and Mail reporter within the building shows the shoot out between police and the shooter in the halls of the Centre Block of Parliament Hill.


This video shows the immediate police response to the shootings outside the Parliament buildings.


Vine user and reporter for Metro Ottawa Joe Lofaro recorded this footage of the police activity around Parliament Hill directly after the event, and of reporters being told to take cover near the Rideau Centre.


Vine used D. Matthew Millar recorded this footage from the scene, which shows people being evacuated from the roof of Parliament Hill.


Reporter/Editor at CBC Ottawa Jamie Long recorded this Vine of the Rideau Centre on lockdown after the incident.


CBC Ottawa reporter Giacomo Panico recorded this Vine of police urging reporters to move to safer places after the shots fired near the Rideau Centre.
He also posted this Instagram video of a witness to the War Memorial shooting.