Harold Henthorn: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Toni Henthorn, Harold Henthorn


Harold Henthorn is the man accused of killing his wife, Tori Henthorn, by pushing her off a cliff while hiking.

He was the only witness to the incident in Rocky Mountain National Park, which happened in September 2012. He was reportedly set to gain $4.5 million dollars in life insurance money from his wife’s death.

He was arrested and indicted Thursday for first-degree murder in connection to his wife’s sudden death.

1. His Wife Died on a Hike to Mark Their 12 Year Anniversary

The two were hiking in an area of the national park near Deer Mountain on the day before their anniversary when Toni fell.

Henthorn claims that she fell while trying to take a picture, and that he did not see exactly what had happened because he was looking at his cellphone.

Upon initial investigation, the incident was ruled an accident, though the autopsy report three months later, obtained by CBS4, said that she

“died as a result of multiple blunt force injuries when she fell or was pushed down a cliff while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. The manner of death is undetermined. The circumstances of death are under investigation at the time of this report. Homicide cannot be excluded.”

2. The Couple’s Young Daughter Was Living With Henthorn

Toni Henthorn, Harold Henthorn


Henthorn and his wife had a young daughter together. She was 7 at the time of her mother’s death.

Since the incident, she had been living with her father, and he had just dropped the 9 year old off at school when he was arrested Thursday.

If convicted, Henthorn faces a mandatory term of life in federal prison without the possibility of parole.

3. He May Have Tried to Hurt Her Before

CBS4 reported that Toni had told her family about an earlier incident with Harold about a year before her death.

While working on the house together, Harold dropped a beam, which hit Toni on the head, leaving her “badly hurt“.

4. He Was Also the Only Witness to His First Wife’s Suspicious Death

Henthorn’s first marriage was to Sandra Lynn Henthorn, who died in 1995 on a deserted road with Henthorn.

They were apparently attempting to change a tire on their car when the vehicle fell on Sandra, killing her.

He told investigators then that “he was placing something in the trunk when the jack slipped, so he didn’t see exactly what happened.”

They were also 12 years into their marriage and he collected $300,000 from her life insurance after her death.

5. Her Family Never Believed His Story

Todd Bertolet, Toni’s brother, told CBS4 he and his family “never believed his sister’s death was an accident.”

Nine months ago, a commenter with the username ‘Todd’ on Toni’s obituary online said, “Harold killed Toni…just like the first wife…that’s my opinion.”

He also told CBS4 that he suspected the signatures on the large insurance policies were fraudulent. “It just didn’t look like hers,” said Bertolet. “I don’t believe they are her signatures. They were by someone else’s hand.”

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