Bryan Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Cops in Arizona have finally made arrests in two cold case murders from the early 1990s. On January 13, police arrested Bryan Miller in Phoenix and charged with him with the murders of Melanie Bernas, 17, and Angela Brosso, 22. Authorities have not disclosed what new evidence brought them to arrest Miller. The 42-year-old man was known as The Zombie Hunter by his friends.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Angela Brosso Was Beheaded

Angela Brosso. (Screengrab Fox 10)

Angela Brosso. (Screengrab Fox 10)

Angela Brosso was found dead in November 1992, Melanie Bernas was found in September 1993. Brosso’s headless body was found in a field close to the apartment building where she lived. A few days later, her head was found in a Phoenix canal.

Melanie Bernas Murder

Melanie Bernas. (Screengrab via Fox 10)

Less than a year after the Brosso murder, Melanie Bernas’ body was found floating in a similar canal. Her body was intact. Both women had been riding their bikes when they were last seen. It took police until March 1994 before the two murders were connected. Cops had never named a suspect until now.

2. He Lived With His Teenage Daughter

Bryan Miller Facebook page


ABC 15 reports that Miller was brought into custody on the night of January 13. He had been living in a home with his teenage daughter. The station reports that Miller’s home was full of random items, ABC goes on to call Miller a “hoarder.” On the night of his arrest, cops were seen carrying a rusted bike out of the house. Police haven’t said if the bikes belonged to either of the victims, but neither bike was ever recovered. His landlady described him as “quiet,” speaking to AZ Central. She added that he wasn’t a good tenant who regularly failed to pay full rent. The reason she didn’t evict was because of her fondness for Miller’s 15-year-old daughter, Sarah.

Miller's daughter, Sarah is a science fiction fan, like her dad. (Facebook)

Miller’s daughter, Sarah is a science fiction fan, like her dad. (Facebook)

Court documents that Miller has had full custody of this daughter since 2008, reports AZ Central. The website reports that Miller said that his daughter had mental problems stemming from her time living with her mother. Miller said that his daughter’s mother was homeless.

3. His Facebook Profile Pic Shows a Woman Holding a a Sign Saying ‘PERV!’

Bryan Miller murderer killer Facebook


According to his Facebook page, Miller is a native of Hawaii, but lived in Phoenix during his 20s. He moved to Everett, Washington, later in life. Arizona Republic reports that the move to Washington came after the murders. On his Facebook page, his profile pic shows a young girl holding a piece of paper with the word “PERV!” written on is. One photo on his page shows him with actress Jewel Staite:

4. He’s a Follower of Steampunk

Bryan Miller Steampunk

Bryan Miller shown in Steampunk garb. (Facebook)

In his Facebook “about” section, Miller writes that he is a follower of Steampunk culture. Followers believe in a type of fan fiction that usually involves a steam engine of some sort. Miller writes a detailed Steampunk bio about himself on his page:

I spent the first 13 years of my life known as “The Alligator Boy” in a traveling circus freak show. One night, after a show outside Butte, MT, I was abducted by the government and taken to the Area 51 Facilities. I cannot recall the next several years. But somewhere around age 19, I found myself in a field in Iowa, and hopped the next bus to Hoboken, NJ. It was there that I, having a lifelong dream to teach the hearing impaired how to jumprope, discovered jazz.

I bought my first piano from the money I made running numbers for the mob, and taught myself how to play through a mail correspondence course. In 1996, I sold everything but my pet zebu and a paperback copy of “The Complete Works of Stephen King,” and moved to the Bay Area. Currently hawking blenders on city street corners, I am also a former elevator operator, aspiring underwear model, and supporter of the Pro-Brussels Sprouts Movement.

But seriously if you want to know more about me then you will just have to come find out.

Apudne te vel me?

The final phrase means “Your place or mine?” in Latin.

5. Police Are Investigating if Miller Is Connected to More Murders

Bryan Miller Charges


Miller is being held on two counts of first degree murder. The Arizona Republic reports that officers are looking into the possibility that he could be connected to other murders.

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