Christian Gomez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Christian Gomez mugshot

(Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)

A Florida man allegedly decapitated his mother with an axe after she asked him to clear some boxes. Christian Gomez, 23, was arrested on New Year’s Eve and is being charged with first-degree murder.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Found Gomez’s Mother’s Head in a Garbage Bag

Maria Pia Suarez-Cassagne Facebook

Maria Pia Suarez-Cassagne’s Facebook page.

Cops in Tampa responded to Gomez’s home at 7:20 p.m. on New Year’s Eve after being called by Gomez’s younger brother. Inside the garage of the home they found the decapitated body of Maria Suarez-Cassagne, 48. Her head was in a garbage can. WFTS reports that Gomez allegedly attacked and murdered his mother after she asked him to clear away some boxes in the garage.

2. He Tried to Escape Cops on His Bicycle

Christian Gomez Facebook


Gomez was no longer in the home when police arrived. Shortly after discovering the body of Suarez-Cassagne, cops received word that Gomez was seen riding his bicycle close to the crime scene. A brief chase ensued but officers eventually got up with Gomez and took him into custody. According to Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, Gomez admitted to killing his mother and told detectives that he had plotted the crime for two days.

3. Gomez Has Been Diagnosed With Schizophrenia

Tampa Bay Online reports that Gomez has a long history of mental illness and a criminal record dating back to 2009. His first arrest was for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Later that same year, Gomez was arrested for prowling.

4. He Has a Girlfriend

Christian Gomez Facebook

Gomez pictured with his girlfriend. (Facebook)

According to his Facebook page, Gomez is a graduate of East Lake High School in Florida. On his page he states that he’s in a relationship. His profile photo shows him with a girl.

5. Neighbors Say He Had an Evil Look About Him



A neighbor told My Fox Tampa Bay that he tried to avoid Gomez. Brandon Baugh told the station, “He kind of has an evil look to him. He would randomly blurt words to people that walked by him and if they spoke to him he wouldn’t speak back. All signs of mental illness.”