WATCH: Video of D.C. Police Detaining Black Teen at ATM Sparks Protests

A video of police in Washington, D.C., detaining a black teen at an ATM has sparked protests and outrage on social media.

Video of Jason Goolsby, 18, screaming in pain as officers tell him to “stop resisting” was taken Monday by a friend, Michael Brown, a high school senior. The video (which you can watch above) ends with police also detaining Brown. The teens were later released without charges.

But the video spread quickly on social media, and led to protests on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.

According to the newspaper, Goolsby was outside the Citibank near Eastern Market on Capitol Hill with two friends. He said he was going to take money from the ATM, and held a door open for a woman with a stroller. Moments later, he said police ran toward him, and one almost hit him. He ran and was caught by police three blocks later, according to the Washington Post.

That is where the video starts, with him yelling, police telling him to stop resisting, and his friend saying “he didn’t do anything.”

Police told Goolsby, a college student, that they had been suspected of casing the ATM for a possible robbery, the Post reports. A 911 caller reported suspicious youths loitering outside the 911. The caller told police she was fearful of being robbed and said the teens made her “uncomfortable.”

The D.C. police told the Post they are investigating the actions of the officers.

According to WUSA-TV, protesters on Tuesday called for #JusticeforJason.




A woman with a baby goes to withdaraw some cash, police respond to a call of a couple teens hanging out around an atm making a woman feel threatened. They show up to see if there is a problem. the teens run (nothing suspicious there) maybe there was no problem, maybe they ran because they’re wanted. Kinda in the job description the police have to peruse and detain for questioning.

He’s already combative and resisting, any suprisingly he’s gonna get put in handcuffs until the police can find what’s going on.
So now he fighting the cops while they’re trying to restrain him and the other guy is getting right up on them and stay back.
These two young men created their own problems.
They weren’t harassed or arrested because they where black but because they’re black they played the race card.

If you’rewalking down the street and there’s a cop and you turn and run the cop will chase you to find out why.
Color wasn’t the issue it was their behavior.
Unless it is black people’s lack of personal resonsability.

Definitely could have been charges filed on the teens, not cooperating, interfering in an investigation

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