WATCH: Naked Woman ‘High on Spice’ Destroys Subway [NSFW]

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Warning: The video below contains uncensored nudity and is NSFW.

A woman, who police believe was high on the synthetic drug Spice, was caught on video destroying a Subway fast food restaurant in Alaska while naked.

Nikki Abrell, 35, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief and resisting arrest, KTVA-TV reports.

A censored version of the video is available below:

More than $20,000 in damage was caused to the Anchorage restaurant, the news station reports. Anchorage Police said they were called to the restaurant Tuesday night and arrived to find Abrell inside.

Police said she “appeared to under the influence of drugs” and “could not hold a conversation only murmured her statements.”

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Spice, also known as K2, “refers to a wide variety of herbal mixtures that produce experiences similar to marijuana (cannabis) and that are marketed as ‘safe,’ legal alternatives to that drug. Sold under many names, including K2, fake weed, Yucatan Fire, Skunk, Moon Rocks, and others — and labeled ‘not for human consumption’ — these products contain dried, shredded plant material and chemical additives that are responsible for their psychoactive (mind-altering) effects.”

Spice users, “report experiences similar to those produced by marijuana—elevated mood, relaxation, and altered perception—and in some cases the effects are even stronger than those of marijuana. Some users report psychotic effects like extreme anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.”

The woman entered the restaurant and began acting odd, store employees said. There were no customers inside the store at the time. Police were called at about 7:30 p.m.

“She’d been in the bathroom for over an hour. They kept banging on the door to check on her — she said she’d come out, but she never did,” Anchorage Police communications manager Jennifer Castro told the Anchorage Dispatch News.

“People described her as ‘a little crazy,’” police Sergeant Shaun Henry told KTVA. “She disrobed, went fully nude and kinda just went nuts. Started breaking furniture, destroyed the store, knocked over computers, ripped the ceiling down, sprayed a fire extinguisher all over, locked herself in the bathroom for awhile, broke just about everything you could find.”

The employees left the store, locking her inside. The fire department was also called after witnesses reported seeing smoke, which turned out to be the spray from the fire extinguisher.

Employees also found “human waste” on the floor.

Police spokeswoman Anita Shell told the Dispatch News that food was scattered everywhere and bottled drinks were spilled, the restaurant’s toilet was destroyed, its cash register and refrigerator were thrown to the floor, an exit sign was left dangling from the ceiling and tables were turned over in the dining area.

“She did a significant amount of damage and it’s gonna take awhile to fix the store,” Henry said. “It’s a mess.”