WATCH LIVE: Police Chase Kidnapping Suspect in Orange County

Police in Southern California were chasing a possible kidnapping suspect in a Hummer on Orange County freeways Monday night.

The vehicle has been stopped northbound on the Pacific Coast Highway, with police trying to get the suspect to give himself up, Fox 11 Los Angeles reports.

News helicopters have been unable to show the end of the chase because of a heavy cloud cover. You can watch a replay of the chase above or by clicking here.

The chase was moving at a slow speed because of heavy traffic, but was at higher speeds during some portions. The suspect is possibly armed.

Police say children and a woman are possibly in the vehicle, the Orange County Register reports. It’s not yet clear if the incident is related to a domestic dispute.

The chase began in Buena Park at about 5 p.m. local time, KTLA-TV reports. The California Highway Patrol has taken over the pursuit from local police.



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