What Time Do the Polls Open & Close Today in South Carolina?

South Carolina marks the next stop on the primary race tonight, and recent polls suggest it’s going to get interesting. Donald Trump leads recent polls by a wide, but there’s plenty of questions about who will take second place. At stake are 50 delegates, and while Trump is expected to take the lion’s share, one or more of his competitors could find themselves without the support they need to stay in the race.

Until <b>7 p.m. Eastern</b> officially, South Carolina voters will start heading for polling precincts to vote for their preferred Republican candidate. Official deadlines, however, very often have to be extended, and after record turnout in Iowa and New Hampshire, there’s significant reason to believe South Carolina officials will need to extend the polling deadline. This delay means that despite the early start, we may not know for quite a while who actually won the caucus and the final split of delegates between the Republican field.