Michelle Fields vs. Donald Trump: The Tweets You Need to See

michelle fields donald trump

Donald Trump and Michelle Fields in a screenshot posted to Twitter by Trump.

Donald Trump defended his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who was arrested Tuesday on a simple battery charge in Florida after a former Breitbart.com reporter, Michelle Fields, accused him of grabbing her by the arm after a campaign event in early March.

Trump went on the attack against Fields on Twitter after the misdemeanor charge against Lewandowski was arrested.

The campaign has said Lewandowski is innocent and will be cleared of the charges.

Here are the tweets you need to see:

Fields, who resigned from Breitbart, saying the company did not support her, has stayed mostly quiet on social media Tuesday, but she did fire back at Trump after that tweet:

That didn’t stop Trump, who continued his Twitter barrage at Fields:

Trump’s campaign said Lewndowski will remain on as campaign manager, despite the charges. You can see the surveillance video, read the police report and find out more about the incident at the link below:


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Another liar like Duke Lacrosse team.
She has a book coming out in June…lol
“Grabbed, thrown to ground”

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