Who Is Expected to Win on Super Tuesday?

Donald Trump is a heavy favorite on Super Tuesday. (Getty)

Donald Trump is a heavy favorite on Super Tuesday. (Getty)

Super Tuesday is the biggest day thus far in the nomination process for both parties with numerous states holding their primary or caucus. Both parties have candidates that have emerged as distinct favorites.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump is favored in nearly every Super Tuesday state based on early polling. Hillary Clinton’s early polling numbers are also favorable and the numbers show her with leads in nearly every state.

Early polls in Arkansas and Texas show Ted Cruz with a slight lead over Trump. Cruz needs to do well in both states to have a chance at competing with Trump.

Marco Rubio hopes his aggressive attacks over the last week will help him cut into Trump’s lead on Super Tuesday. Rubio was aggressive during last week’s GOP debate criticizing Trump’s work with undocumented Polish workers to build Trump Tower.

Cruz has attacked Trump for his unwillingness to release tax documents. One key storyline to watch is whether the aggressiveness will have an effect on the Super Tuesday results.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is only ahead in early polls in his home state of Vermont. According to RealClear Politics, Clinton is favored in the average polling numbers in all other states.

Oklahoma and Massachusetts are two states worth watching with close early poll numbers between Sanders and Clinton. The data shows Clinton with a large lead in the Southeast.

Early polling is far from a scientific process and the actual results can vary from the polling numbers. Some states have not had polls conducted in recent weeks and the data could look much different tonight than in the polls. The majority of Super Tuesday states use the proportional method to divide delegates among candidates based on the results.

Early results will come in once polling locations begin to close. The majority of states close polling at 7 or 8 p.m. Eastern. You can follow our GOP and Democratic Super Tuesday pages for the latest results.

Both Trump and Clinton have a lead in the delegate count heading into Super Tuesday. Trump is in first with 82 delegates, and Cruz is in second with 17. Clinton has a 90 to 65 lead in delegates over Sanders. She also has an additional 455 in superdelegates pledged to her.