2016 Election Polls: Majority on Both Sides Believe Other Candidate is Evil

Donald Trump Akron, Donald Trump rally, Donald Trump Akron rally

Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Akron, Ohio. (Getty)

A new poll shows that a majority of Donald Trump supporters believe Hillary Clinton is evil, and a majority of Hillary Clinton supporters believe Donald Trump is evil.

The survey comes from YouGov, and it was done with the intention of finding out if voters really consider the election to be the lesser of two evils, as it has often been described. They found that 83 percent of Trump voters would describe Hillary Clinton as evil. On the opposite side, 66 percent of Clinton supporters describe Trump that way.

But among overall voters, only five percent of those polled described both candidates as evil, potentially disproving the idea that voters believe they are choosing between two equally evil candidates. 24 percent of those polled said neither candidate is evil.

Among Trump supporters, 94 percent said Hillary Clinton is corrupt, 92 percent said she is dangerous, and 62 percent said she is crazy. Among Clinton voters, 92 percent said Donald Trump is dangerous, 85 percent said he is crazy, and 77 percent said he is corrupt.

Interestingly, the survey also found that 16 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters believe that she is corrupt. As well, 20 percent of Donald Trump supporters believe he is crazy, and 15 percent of Trump supporters believe he is dangerous. This suggests, then, that while voters don’t necessarily see the election as consisting of two evils, many are supporting a candidate despite seeing them as flawed.

Finally, YouGov found that the voters who said both candidates are evil were more likely to be between the ages of 18 and 34 or undecided/third party voters.