Trump Video: First Debate Questions To Hit Trump On Lewd Tape, Report Says

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Donald Trump (Getty)

The first questions posed to Donald Trump at the second presidential debate Sunday night will focus on the lewd tape that reveals him making explicit and graphic comments about forcing himself on women, a report Sunday morning by CNN Money has revealed.

One of the debate moderators, Anderson Cooper, is a CNN anchor. But CNN Money cited a source within the ABC network, which employs debate co-moderator Martha Radiate, for the report that the moderators will hit Trump with questions about the tape right at the top of the broadcast.

The first question of the debate, however, will be directed at Trump’s opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton. The order of questioning was determined by coin toss.

Clinton is likely to be hit with an embarrassing question of her own, according to NBC News — though whether it will be her opening question has not been confirmed — regarding the contents of her paid speeches to Wall Street executives.

The speeches became an issue when Clinton’s Democratic primary opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, repeatedly blasted her on the campaign train and in debates, for having given the speeches shortly after she stepped down as secretary of state, speeches for which he received reported fees of up to $250,000 per speech.

The document dumping site WikiLeaks on Sunday released hacked emails containing what it said were excerpts from the speeches.

But the major story often weekend leading up to the debate has been the shocking video, recorded in 2005, showing a conversation between Trump — then host of the NBC reality show The Apprentice — in a conversation with Billy Bush, then a host of the entertainment new show Access Hollywood.

In the tape, Trump brags about his attempts to “f—k” a married woman, and says that because he is a “star,” women let him get away with anything, including kissing them without their consent.

In the video’s most stunning moment, Trump adds that he can “grab them by the p——y,” and get away with it, using a slang term for female genitalia.

View the video below — but those who have not yet seen it should be warned, it contains potentially offensive and profane language.

Donald Trump Exposed. (2005 leaked video)Donald Trump exposed after the disclosure of a 2005 recording of Mr. Trump speaking in vulgar language about pushing himself on women, sex and groping women. In a three-minute recording, which was obtained by The Washington Post, Mr. Trump recounts to the television personality Billy Bush of the program “Access Hollywood,” how he once pursued…2016-10-08T03:51:58.000Z

There may, perhaps surprisingly, be questions posed to the candidates on actual policy issues as well, in the town hall format debate. According to a CNBC report, those questions may cover topics such as how the health care system can be improved, whether Social Security should be slashed or expanded and if criminal background checks should be required for legal gun purchases.

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