How To Register to Vote in Massachusetts

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Registering to vote in Massachusetts is an easy process and can be done in person, by mail and online. The deadline for registering to vote is Wednesday, October 19. The Bay State does not have same-day registration, as early voting begins on October 24. Election Day is November 8.

Below are step-by-step instructions on all three options to register. Before beginning the process, you can click here to see if you are already registered to vote.

How To Register Online

To register to vote online, simply click here. Make sure you have your diver’s license, learner’s permit or ID issued by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles handy while registering. The RMV also needs your signature on file in order to complete the process online.

If you don’t have an ID, you can still use the online system to create a form, which you can mail or hand in to a local election official.

How To Register By Mail

To register by mail in Massachusetts, click here to print the application. If you do not have a diver’s license, you must include your Social Security Number. If you cannot provide either a Social Security Number or a driver’s license ID number, you can include a copy of a photo ID, current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or a government document with your name and address.

After filling out the form, mail it to your local town or city clerk’s office. Click here to find the address for your local office. The envelope must be postmarked by October 19.

How To Register In Person

To register to vote in person, click here to find your local town or city clerk’s office to pick up an application. You can also click here to print out the form and have it filled out before going to the office.

You can also hand in the form at your local RMV or military recruitment offices, as well as state agencies that provide public assistance. You will need to bring a photo ID, current utility bill, government check, paychek, bank statement or any other government document that includes your name and address.

The deadline to register to vote in person is October 19.

According to the state’s website, there are still some cases in which you might be asked to show your ID at the polls. These are:

  • If you are a first-time voter in Massachusetts.
  • You are an inactive voter
  • You are casting a provisional or challenged ballot
  • The poll worker has a “reasonable suspicion” and asks to see your identification