A football player at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, says he was suspended for taking a knee during the National Anthem.

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A jogger in Shirley, Massachusetts says a strange man approached her just 21 miles from the Vanessa Marcotte murder scene. Police now say he was a good Samaritan.

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David Becker, an 18-year-old Massachusetts high school athlete, was given probation for sexually assaulting two unconscious classmates at a party.

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Reports say police have a “person of interest” and DNA in the death of murdered Princeton jogger Vanessa Marcotte.

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Photos capture the vivacious spirit of murdered jogger Vanessa Marcotte, a Google employee from New York City.

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Vanessa Marcotte, Karina Vetrano and Ally Brueger were all murdered while jogging between July 30-Aug. 7. Are the cases similar? Exploring the details.

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Walter DaSilva, a twice deported undocumented immigrant, is accused of murdering his teenage daughter, Sabrina, with whom he was just getting reacquainted. Sabrina was gunned down in a Massachusetts parking lot.

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A 27-year-old Google employee and New York resident was killed near her mother’s home in Princeton, Massachusetts, in what police are calling a homicide.

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John F. Kennedy Jr. is the subject of the documentary I Am JFK Jr. Here’s a look at his life through photos.

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Joe Kennedy III is a Congressman representing Massachusetts’ 4th Congressional District. He is also speaking at the Democratic National Convention Monday.

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Ted Busiek is a Republican running for the Massachusetts State Senate and sparked controversy by using a homophobic slur on Twitter. He supports Donald Trump.

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Deval Patrick has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton. The former Massachusetts governor might have other plans.

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The Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a bill today by an overwhelming margin that would bar public discrimination of trans people.

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Jorge Zambrano is wanted for questioning in the fatal shooting of Auburn, Massachusetts, Police Officer Ronald Tarentino.

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Richard Simone was arrested after a police pursuit in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Videos show police punching repeatedly him at the end of the chase.

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Arthur “AJ” Darosa, 28, is accused of stabbing six people at random in Taunton, Massachusetts, before being shot dead by an off-duty cop at the Galleria Mall.

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