The Ice Bucket Challenge, started by Massachusetts resident and ALS patient Pete Frates, has brought Lou Gehrig’s Disease into the national consciousness as the campaign has gone viral. Read more on the disease here.

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Revere Massachusetts Tornado

A tornado touched down in Revere, Mass. Monday morning, taking down trees, crushing cars and causing structural damage. Police are advising people to avoid the Boston suburb for the time being.

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Robert Honsch Murder Suspect

Robert Honsch has been arrested for the killing of his wife and daughter in Connecticut and Massachusetts in 1995. Honsch had been living in Ohio with a new wife and kids under a different name.

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hot air balloon, power lines, explosion

6 passengers riding a hot air balloon in Clinton, Massachusetts on Saturday are being treated for minor injuries after their balloon ran into power lines.

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Lowell Massachusetts apartment fire

Authorities say five adults and two children were killed early Thursday in a massive apartment fire in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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Bryson Alexander missing teen Provincetown massachusetts

A 16-year-old military school student mysteriously disappeared after taking his grandfather’s dog on a walk.

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This legally blind teenager is about to make the roster of a Division 1 football team.

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A highway sign on 93 South in Medford, Massachusetts caught some serious attention by warning drivers to: “Use yah blinkah” instead of “Use your blinker.”

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On March 26, snow pummeled Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and East Massachusetts. Here are the crazies pictures.

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Snowfall totals for towns and cities in Massachusetts from the recent massive storm. Who got buried?

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