Who Won the Third Presidential Debate? Polls Say Clinton



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night.

The debate was the last opportunity for Trump to persuade voters after a rough October. Heading into the debate, the latest polls showed the GOP nominee with an extremely narrow path to victory. According to the RealClearPolitics average of recent polls, Clinton leads Trump by 6.5 percentage points. Wednesday’s debate was pegged a must-win for Trump, whose campaign has been reeling in recent weeks, however scientific polls show Clinton came out on top.

Among the scientific polls evaluating who won the debate, it marks the third win for the Democratic nominee– with the numbers following each debate fairly similar.

According to a CNN / ORC poll of debate watchers immediately following Wednesday’s debate, Clinton won the debate. The results showed 52 percent said Clinton won, as opposed to 39% for Trump. That’s a tighter margin than in the first two debates.

The CNN / ORC poll following the prior two presidential debates showed victories for Clinton as well, giving the former secretary state a clean sweep across all three of the debates. 62 percent of debate watchers saying she won the second debate, and 57 percent saying she won the first debate.

YouGov’s post-debate poll, also shows Clinton winning the third presidential debate. According to their poll, which interviewed 1503 registered voters who watched the debate, Clinton won the debate against Trump by 49 percent to 39 percent. 12 percent said it was a tie.

YouGov also showed decisive victories for Clinton after the first and second presidential elections. Following the second debate YouGov’s post-debate poll showed Clinton won the second presidential debate over Trump 47% to 42%. That poll interviewed 812 registered voters who watched the debate.

Over the past three weeks, Clinton’s chances to win the presidency have increased across all election forecasts.

Before the first presidential debate, there was a major deviation between some of the polls-based forecasts and market-based forecasts. However, the gap among the different election forecasts is steadily closing with Clinton near or even above 90 percent in most projections.

Since the first debate, Clinton’s odds of winning the election at Predictwise, which aggregates data from betting markets have increased from 69 percent to 91 percent.

FiveThirtyEight’s “Nowcast,” which attempts to convey what might happen if the election were today, also shows Clinton having a substantial lead. Their latest forecast, which was updated after Wednesday’s debate, shows Clinton has an 87.7 percent of winning.




Clinton been in politics for ages…but until now not able to help the minorities.. the Dems are exploiting their connection with the African-Americans populace but after the election and these group carry their candidate, they just forget about them, and come election time, they start courting them again.. it’s been a cycle for too long that these groups are being exploited by the Dems.


What a strange thought. Democrats including Clinton support civil rights, voting rights, tax breaks and benefits for the middle and lower class,a $15 federal minimum wage, and fair taxation of the rich. Republicans are enacting the worst voting restrictions since Jim Crow, fight civil rights, want to give no benefits to middle and lower income people, and fight for tax breaks for the rich and against the minimum wage entirely.

Democrats are fighting for minorities and all people with this agenda while Trump and others are fighting against it with all their might. Minorities are Democrats and Democrats are minorities — it’s only Republicans who see them as something else.


Still under the dems. The GOPs will take away all the welfare benefits the minorities and get you to work and feed at all costs.

Marsisi the Liberal

Democrats don’t need to “exploit” minorities. Democrats represent the best interests of minorities AND all Americans. If you want to talk exploitation, Trump is the master of fooling his base into thinking that he’ll invalidate the United States Constitution, so that religion is put into law and and forced on captive audiences such as our public schools and other taxpayer-supported venues and events. And yet he doesn’t even know how to enunciate II Corinthians, a book of the bible — the evangelicals’ guidebook — and they’re still supporting him. Twenty million Americans now have access to health care, and Trump wants to take that away. What kind of person is that? Clinton wants to perfect the Affordable Care Act to make it more effective and efficient, which will benefit more than 20 million Americans — minorities, non-minorities, women men, children, all cultures all genders/orientations, all ages, all religions. Do you call that exploitation? Seriously? Trump is only concerned about minorities; that they might get some benefit from OUR government.


It will be a total disaster. Never held office of any kind now he wants to be POTUS!! SCARY 😨 situation.


Thankfully it’s not going to even be close and this loser will get nowhere near the oval office.

Marsisi the Liberal

And a United States Senator from Illinois for four years.

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