Live Video: Miami Anti-Trump Protests Erupt in Florida

Anti-Trump protests continued to grow throughout the country on November 11, including in Miami, where protesters shut down a freeway at one point.

Protesters shouted “forget that wall.” “not my president,” “hey, ho, hey, ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” as well as other chants. They also shouted, “no KKK, no racist U.S.A., no Trump.” They also used expletives, chanting “F–k that wall.” Some of the videos contain graphic language.

News organizations and citizens streamed video from the scene.

The Miami Trump protests were only some of those occurring throughout the country in the days after Donald Trump was elected president. In Portland, Oregon, 25 protesters were arrested after the protest spiraled into what police called a riot. Protests were also unfolding November 11 in Atlanta, Georgia as well as other cities.

Miami protesters shut down a freeway on Friday. The Sun Sentinel reported that the protesters spilled onto the MacArthur Causeway, “stopping traffic in both directions, and later, Interstate 95.” They numbered in the thousands, the newspaper said.

The Miami Herald said police adopted a hands-off approach: “Police were there, but stayed well back and didn’t interrupt even as cars navigated around the protesters,” the newspaper said. According to the Herald, people hoisted signs that read things like “Black lives matter,” “Trans lives matter,” and “Love trumps hate.”

Trump tweeted two contradictory reactions to the unrest in American cities.

First, he appeared to chastise the protesters.

Then, he struck a different tone.

Learn more about the Portland, Oregon unrest here: