Live Video: Miami Anti-Trump Protests Erupt in Florida

Anti-Trump protests continued to grow throughout the country on November 11, including in Miami, where protesters shut down a freeway at one point.

Protesters shouted “forget that wall.” “not my president,” “hey, ho, hey, ho, Donald Trump has got to go,” as well as other chants. They also shouted, “no KKK, no racist U.S.A., no Trump.” They also used expletives, chanting “F–k that wall.” Some of the videos contain graphic language.

News organizations and citizens streamed video from the scene.

The Miami Trump protests were only some of those occurring throughout the country in the days after Donald Trump was elected president. In Portland, Oregon, 25 protesters were arrested after the protest spiraled into what police called a riot. Protests were also unfolding November 11 in Atlanta, Georgia as well as other cities.

Miami protesters shut down a freeway on Friday. The Sun Sentinel reported that the protesters spilled onto the MacArthur Causeway, “stopping traffic in both directions, and later, Interstate 95.” They numbered in the thousands, the newspaper said.

The Miami Herald said police adopted a hands-off approach: “Police were there, but stayed well back and didn’t interrupt even as cars navigated around the protesters,” the newspaper said. According to the Herald, people hoisted signs that read things like “Black lives matter,” “Trans lives matter,” and “Love trumps hate.”

Trump tweeted two contradictory reactions to the unrest in American cities.

First, he appeared to chastise the protesters.

Then, he struck a different tone.

Learn more about the Portland, Oregon unrest here:




This is just like the wall street protests. I bet many of the same people are organizing and in these things. This is just the more vocal socialist group trying to make noise and subvert democracy. They have a right to protest, but not to block traffic, damage property, or hurt people. At some point enough will be enough and it will be broken up, just like BLM and Wall Street protestors. I would love to see some interviews of these people and see how many actually have jobs and responsibilities, and how many are living off of somebody elses money and work. You can’t spend all day, day after day, protesting without some sort of support structure….


This is classic Soros and Podesta bs. This is exactly why America voted for Donald Trump. It’s beyond hypocritical that these liberals wear “Love Trumps Hate” gear and then riot, vandalize, incite violence, threaten the President Elect, burn the US flag, and refuse to hear the voice of the people. I am sick to death of the political correctness that these idiots represent. Grow up and get a job! If you had one, you wouldn’t have the time or energy for this pointless “movement” of yours. Donald Trump is our new President, so GET OVER IT! As a registered nurse, I am beyond elated that finally we can repeal the lie that is Obamacare and get our patients the care they truly deserve!


That is their right in a democratic nation. You have the right to protest. And somehow you are equating them with some type of Christian hypocrisy, as though they are supposed to be saints, then you blame political correctness, when you’re the one imposing they act as such– “correct.” They say “Love Trumps Hate” in that the President-elect represents hate and that they want the nation represented as a nation of acceptance, love, and peace. They do NOT have to be peaceful to make that point. You are trying to silence their voices by somehow making them out to be hypocritical. And they speak for you, as well. You should feel adequate shame. It’s also convenient that they have no unified “leader,” which they do not want anyway, they are truly anti-establishment, as is anybody who rationalized voting for Donald Trump in hopes of making some sort of “wave” or setting off some kind of “doom.” So consider it a self-fulfilling prophesy. You got what you wanted. You elected what seemed to be the “unpopular” one for a reason. If he was SOOO popular and wanted, he would have not gotten your vote. Now that he is proving to be everything you thought he was (unpopular), you suddenly have a problem with that? See, the problem is with people like you’re just mad (sadly) that the oppression isn’t your own, but theirs, and in some weird twist, are still trying to make yourself, people like you, and Donald Trump seem “oppressed,” even though according to you, he was elected. And get serious, people are not receiving “less care” because of Obamacare, if anything, they were snookered into paying for healthcare they cannot even afford (under the guise of it being “affordable”) which in a decline of insurance sales, was only incentivized to SELL insurance and keep companies alive on the backs of people’s hard work (i.e. their wallets), so for someone who seems to “care” so much about the lives of others, you seem to feel you can dole out “who” deserves “what” and “when.” Either you believe people should be taken care of, without a burden on their finances, or not. Period. And that is where Obamacare failed, it should be entirely free. Nobody should get to profit off the backs of the ill, that is if making people better is your primary concern. But of course it isn’t, you just think you have more of a “right” to gripe than anybody else– and you don’t. So, you will have to deal with other people’s gripes you disagree with to keep the right to your own. But one thing Trumptards don’t understand is business— or else they wouldn’t be so inclined to elect a businessman to office (which is what Obama was). Everything is done to make corporations more money (see above statement about healthcare, for example), not to “help” anybody.

Anyway, short story long: They aren’t Christians and so you can’t hold them to some kind of expected sainthood. If anything, it will just roll the military tanks out faster and really put into perspective the fuhrer Donald Trump is and the true fascist nation we live in. The true colors will show. And oddly enough, for those of you who claimed to not be bigoted or hateful and that wasn’t the reason you elected Donald Trump, you will look on as they are marched away and silenced with guns (if that’s even possible) and say to yourself how much they deserve it. How dare they raise their voices to the opposition? How dare they have an opinion… in the democratic nation you seem to cherish so much and want to “make great again.” By “make great again” did you have in mind eradication and genocide? Or re-industrialization and an new influx of jobs and business opportunities? Funny how such a slogan is so ambiguous and yet, can therefore, have so many different meanings to so many different people. America never was “great,” it was always nationalist propaganda, and there will never be another industrial revolution. Our country exists in a symbiotic relationship with China– they need us– and we need them. And holding them “hostage” by taxing their imports, is only going to f*ck the American people in the end with higher priced goods and massively inflate the prices of everything. And besides, China technically owns us because they own the majority of all of our debt and assets. Ever mortgaged a home, financed a car? Yeah, the bank takes that crap back real fast when you don’t pay up. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen– repossession, regardless, of who the Commander in Chief is. He’s just a fall guy, Trump. Easy to hate– will have egg all over his face by the end of it, that is if he even survives… because desperate people do desperate things and in order to seek relief, some people may go to extreme measures for the temporary comfort, regardless of whether it will help matters or not.


Hey Reader, this time around, the liberals won’t be subjecting us, to people who are not so liberal. All your crying and foot stomping, ain’t gonna change a damn thing, goodbye to the Obama morass.