WATCH: Video Shows Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Suspect Esteban Santiago

Surveillance video obtained by TMZ shows accused Fort Lauderdale Airport gunman Esteban Santiago walking among other travelers before pulling out a gun.

You can watch the video above.

The video does not show anyone being shot, but does show Santiago firing his gun three times after pulling it from his waistband. Santiago sprints out of the view of the camera after firing. Authorities said Santiago fired several shots from three magazines before running out of ammunition. He then sprawled on the ground, spread eagle, and waited for police to arrive. He was taken into custody without incident.

Santiago, a 26-year-old former Army National Guard soldier, is charged in the Friday airport attack that left five people dead and eight others wounded.

He was charged in federal court on Saturday and could face the death penalty. Authorities have not said if they have determined a motive for the shooting, but said Santiago flew from his home in Anchorage, Alaska, to Fort Lauderdale specifically to attack people there. It is not clear why he picked the South Florida airport.

Santiago flew on a Delta flight from Anchorage to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and then on to Fort Lauderdale. He checked one piece of luggage, his gun case, and did not have any other bags, the FBI says.

esteban santiago

Esteban Santiago booking photo from Broward County.

Santiago used a handgun to fire randomly in a baggage claim area at fellow travelers, authorities say. The FBI said he took the gun case into a bathroom, loaded it and then came out to attack.

George L. Piro, the special agent in charge of the FBI in Miami, said at the evening news conference on January 6 that the investigation spans multiple states, and he confirmed that Santiago had sought out the FBI in Alaska a few months back.

“We have not ruled out terrorism,” Piro said. “Any connections, communication – anything you can imagine, I assure you, we are pursuing every possible lead.” In a Saturday press conference, the FBI said evidence points to Santiago coming to Fort Lauderdale solely to commit the attack, that he may have visited other cities first, and he will appear in federal court on January 9. “At this point we are continuing to look at the terrorism angle,” Piro said as charges were filed.

CNN reported that Santiago had allegedly been hearing voices telling him to join ISIS and that he had checked into a hospital. In addition to the possible terrorism motive, according to CNN, authorities are also investigating whether there was an altercation on the flight.

Santiago’s family said the former Army reservist, who served for more than a year in Iraq, had been battling mental health issues. He was arrested in January 2016 on domestic violence charges in Alaska.

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