WATCH: NYC Driver Tried to Run Over NYPD Officers in Car Stop Getaway [VIDEO]

Twitter account NYCityAlerts posted a video of a man pulled over by New York Police Department officers suddenly drive wildly and erratically nearly striking a number of officers in an attempt to get away, which the driver of the dark-colored minivan or SUV appears to do.

But not for long, apparently because NYCityAlerts says the NYPD arrested the man, named as 27-year-old George Lopez. The NYPD News Twitter account doesn’t mention the incident.

The video appears to show the driver being questioned by a few officers with an NYPD cruiser blocking it in on a busy corner in a New York City borough. It appears officers reach into the vehicle and then the driver quickly pulls forward, crashes into the police cruiser and then reverses quickly and nearly runs down officers while striking other vehicles.

NYC getaway driver

Driver makes its getaway after nearly running down cops and pedestrians in NYC

Passersby are seen watching and some taking video but soon people appear to back up and get out of the way as the driver, who’d already done a numbers of reverse circles at a high rate of speed, jumps the curb to the sidewalk where it drives for a few moments then jumps the curb back to the street to make its getaway, leaving a chunk of the vehicle’s front end dangling.

NYC getaway driver

Twitter/NYCityAlertsDriver makes its getaway after nearly running down cops and pedestrians in NYC

It’s reported Lope and three officers were injured. It’s not clear if anyone was injured. It’s also not known exactly where and when the video was taken, but it was posted at around 2 p.m. Sunday.

“BREAKING VIDEO: man caught on video attempting to run over multiple NYPD officers during a traffic stop In Manhattan.

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