PHOTO: Does Angela Merkel Instagram Photo Show Who’s Boss?

Some are saying the photo posted to the Instagram account of Angela Merkel shows who’s the boss, others say, well, a lot that’s NSFW.

The brouhaha and punditry is less about the image itself rather it’s about the statement it makes, or implies, as posted to the official Merkel account, Bundeskanzlerin or Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, “Insights into the work of the Chancellor through the lens of official photographers.”

The photo caption reads: “Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions.” The image was posted Saturday afternoon.

A sample of comments that accompany the photo now being shared widely on social media, with memes being created as we speak, include:

“Sometimes I hear that Angela Merkel is losing popularity in Germany. As far as I’m concerned she’s welcome here in the U.S. anytime, and if it we’re Constitutionally possible she’d probably have my vote for president too.”

“Angela Merkel is not ‘reason’ or ‘light’. She’s a conservative who’s deflationary austerity policies are immiserating the entirety of Southern Europe at once, fuelling the far right and now even exposing working-class Germans to increasing precarity.”

“It was quite apparent how Trump was intimated by Angela Merkel at the G-7 summit. She has a PhD in Quantum Chemistry and speaks German, English and Russian. And she is a woman. #MAGA #G7”

“Her Instagram shows Trump the leader of the Free World the dominant force in the room. He has all their attention obviously they need America. Your spin is Fake News. #MAGA”

“‘The leader of the free world’, Angela Merkel, lecturing Donald Trump.”

“U guys r so proud of Angela Merkel & the photo. Any1 order a poster size 4 your ceiling? You can lay there all night chowin tide pods & huffing Hillary’s old scarves whilst gazing at Ma Merkel. Mmmm. Must be magical. Yeah, sounds like a perfect night. I’m jealous AF. #MAGA”

“I love Angela Merkel. I don’t know if she has children but she’s definitely perfected Angry Mommy. She is the Mother of the Free World.”

“Dear Angela Merkel, Please understand that not all America can even tolerate this creep. I believe in President Obama & wish more than anything he was still our POTUS. Trump is an outlier. AN OUTLIER. I didn’t vote for him but too many did. Their mistake. SO SORRY.”

“Also, John Bolton’s got the look of a man who just saw his homeboy get bodied in a rap battle. Rap Game, Angela Merkel”

“Progressives sharing that photo of Angela Merkel lecturing Trump at the G7 summit, you are playing right into his hands. Trump supporters don’t see an arrogant, petulant, ignorant child. All they see is a “confident leader who has the entire world coming to him.” #SAD #FakeNews”

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