Ashton Whitty: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ashton Whitty

Twitter/Ashton Whitty Ashton Whitty at Disneyland in MAGA hat.

So a young white woman dressed in white goes to Disneyland and, wearing a #MAGA hat, tweets that she wishes Disney had a princess who was team Make America Great Again.

Ashton Whitty said Disney needs a princess who would be a gun rights advocate, an anti-abortion, pro-life supporter, and would “fight for her country.”

Chrissy Teigen and many others were not having it.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ashton Whitty Tweeted a Picture of Herself in a White Dress & MAGA Hat at the Sleeping Beauty Castle Suggesting Disney Needed a New MAGA Princess

“We need a Disney princess who is pro #2A
We need a Disney princess who is #ChooseLife
We need a Disney princess who believes in #freespeech
We need a Disney princess who fights for her country.


But Ashton, 22, didn’t stop with that tweet.

Ashton’s thread went on to criticize the ‘It’s a Small World’ exhibit and ride saying it was “peak globalism.” She claimed Disney employees liked her hat: “A Disney cast member just said he “likes my hat and he’s a fan. There’s hope.”

In a different pose, she claimed, “Literally the only person offended by my hat was a middle aged white woman.”

A commenter suggested that, “I’d be willing to bet that the middle aged white woman was the only one who felt safe and empowered enough to comment. Guarantee she wasn’t the only one offended.”

Another said, “Child, people are not talking to you because they are at Disney to have a good time, not to listen to hate speech. Don’t forget your sunscreen.”

All of these comments are on Whitty’ Disney princess thread.

Undaunted, Whitty shared a post of her posing with Mary Poppins characters who she claimed were “pro-Brexit.”

And as not to leave out immigration said, “At Disneyland wearing a #MAGA hat, surrounded by Spanish speaking families. Not one of them has been offended. Are Spanish speaking immigrants actually scared of Trump? Or is it just the ones already in power who want illegal votes?”

Whitty continued: “Funny how I got more hate for wearing a #MAGA hat in Disneyland on the internet than in the park itself.
It’s almost as if the majority of people who attend Disneyland don’t actually care and just want to enjoy Disney. It’s almost as if Disney doesn’t have to get political.”

But folks again pointed out that it was unlikely she’d be confronted by everyday people visiting the world’s most popular theme park, adding, in this case an oft-repeated commentary: “Aye, Disney’s always been “political” in that the princesses embody values like kindness, compassion & friendship. What you condone–someone who opposes women’s rights, who embraces nationalism and hate speech, who encourages mass shootings… Those will never be Disney values.”

Whitty didn’t back down and insisted that save a few millennials and one “angry, upper middle class white woman,” not only was no one at the park bothered by her hat, her princess points were valid.

Many, many people corrected her on her Disney princess facts.

“Your dress is the same color as your privilege so makes sense why you wouldn’t see the way they (Mulan, Moana, Pocahontas) fight for their people as the way you think this country needs to be fought for. Because they advocate for equality of ALL people, unlike your MAGA fanbase.”

But none more high profile than Chrissy Teigen.

2. Chrissy Teigen, Not Shy About Speaking Her Mind on Twitter, Reacted & Questioned Whitty’s Post

Teigen, a best-selling author, model, philanthropist, mother, wife and at once down-to-earth and influential presence on Twitter with more than 10 million followers, replied to Whitty’s post.

“I’ve seen like…all the Disney movies and none of the princesses have ever been like “I HATE GUNS AND LOVE ABORTION AND BEING SUPPRESSED AND HATE MY COUNTRY” usually it’s just pretty mellow, singing and animals and stuff.”

Teigen’s tweet, with close to 160,000 likes, was criticized by some, but otherwise mostly embraced and supported with Disney princesses facts.

Seege Vega, who says she’s a writer, director and artist, called out Whitty’s Disney princess misinformation.

“Disney princess who uses a gun: Princess Leia
Disney princess who is a mother: Princess Ariel
Disney princess who believes in free speech: Pocahontas
Disney princess who fights for her country: Mulan

Does this girl even Disney? Sheesh.”

3. Whitty Came Back at Teigen Calling Her a Swimsuit Model & ‘Hollywood’s Virtue Signaling Puppet.’ Twitter Went Nuts

Whitty’s tweets garnered a few hundred likes here and there but the reaction to her “publicity stunt” drew replies with thousands of likes. Still, she pressed on.

That reply had around 450 likes. The followup had almost 4,000:

“Imagine being proud you were very publicly mocked for your publicity stunt ? like girl, are you feeling alright? Put on your Minnie Mouse ears and take a picture in front of the castle like the rest of us, you’re not special.”

Teigen, in Teigen fashion, replied:

But that reply drew the ridicule of alt-right You Tuber and Infowars “editor-at-large,” who denies he’s alt-right, Paul Joseph Watson.

And then he wrote a story about the exchange on the Infowars website.

4. Whitty Claimed She Was Responding to a Tweet From a Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania About Disney Princesses. Whitty & Waston Say it Was Deleted

Ashton Whitty

Ashton Whitty

Watson, who is also part of Alex Jones’ that has featured recent stories like ‘Lana Del Ray joins effort to defeat Trump with witchcraft” and Watson’s recent, “How satire was turned into a brainwahsing (sic) tool,” wrote on Infowars that, “Teigen was not the only leftist to take the bait. Hundreds of other blue check marks angrily raged over the image, as well as one woman with an LGTB rainbow in her profile who commented, “I low key wanna curb stomp that girl at Disneyland in the MAGA hat. Disney is a special thing for me don’t you dare bring politics to it.”

Watson and Whitty claim a tweet, that has now since been deleted (it’s not clear it ever existed or at least some question its authenticity) calling for a Disney princess that’s an undocumented immigrant, trans, pro-choice, had an abortion and is a union worker was the impetus for her own tweet.

Watson and Whitty have appeared together on Infowars and discussed topics including feminism. In one case, she captioned on Instagram, “Talking with @pauljosephwatson on the desperate and depressing life of feminism and the blue haired women that advocate for it.”

5. Whitty, Who Says She’s a Political Columnist, Has a YouTube Channel Filled With Videos About Immigration, Deep State Conspiracy Theories & World War 3 Among Others & is a Longtime Trump Fan

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Calling herself Ashton Birdie, Whitty has a YouTube channel with 122,000 subscribers, where she recently posted a video where she says she’s a Infowars reporter. Infowars, created by Alex Jones, is known to be a site rife with conspiracy theories and is described as a “fake news” site with Jones advocating conspiracy theories focused largely on so-called false flag or deep state federal government operations including his claim the mass shooting at Newtown, Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School was faked.

Whitty’s video “Info Wars Reporter Owned By Socialist Sailor Moon???” has her identifying herself as an Infowars reporter.

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Whitty, a Taylor Swift fan, also mocks teens speaking after the Parkland shooting where she describes herself as an “official adult” and says the students who spoke to the media are part of a generation that’s “lost IQ points.”

“After the school shooting in Florida, the media was flooded with interviews of the students’ take on what happened. While many were clearly used to push gun laws, there were some using the tragic event as a means to gain five minutes of internet fame. And you wonder why these kids are eating Tide Pods,” she asked rhetorically in her description of her video.

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Whitty also says students and others involved in the March for Our Lives protests “don’t know what they’re talking about” and questions activist David Hogg’s motives: “Is David Hogg Leading a Leftist Dictatorship?.”

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Whitty’s Instagram is loaded with MAGA posts and she often pays tribute and homage to Pres. Donald Trump: “Here’s to another year of Hillary not being in office! #MAGAversary ????????.”

A Berkeley Republican, Whitty doesn’t miss an opportunity to provide political commentary. For example, her views on immigration and the Trump travel ban, she says have evolved and the more she learns and does her “…research…the left just keeps pushing me further and further right.”

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Stronger together.

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