Robert Wesley Combs: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

robert wesley combs

Facebook Robert Wesley Combs.

A 22-year-old Georgia man was arrested near Capitol Hill on Thursday after a gun, ammunition and “other items” were found in his parked car, the U.S. Capitol Police said in a press release. Police have not said why the suspect had the weapon and ammunition in his car, but did say in the release, “There is no evidence to indicate any nexus to terrorism at this time.”

Robert Wesley Combs, a church youth leader, gun salesman and aspiring doctor, was arrested about 9 a.m. on August 2 in the 300 block of New Jersey Avenue NW in Washington D.C., after a Capitol Police officer on routine traffic enforcement saw “what appeared to be a firearm in a parked vehicle,” according to the press release. Combs arrived at the scene while officers were investigating his vehicle, police said in the press release. He was taken into custody and brought to USCP Headquarters for processing, according to the press release. Streets in the area were closed during the incident.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Combs Was Charged With Transportation of an Unregistered Firearm & Ammunition & Remains in Jail in DC With Additional Charges Pending

Combs, of Monroe, Georgia, was charged with “18 U.S. Code § 926A – Interstate transportation of firearms; Unregistered Firearm, and Unregistered Ammunition,” the Capitol Police said in a press release. “Additional charges are pending,” police said.

Police did not say what type of gun was found in the car. Other details, including how much ammunition was found and what the “other items” seized during the search were not released.

2. Combs Is Studying to Be a Doctor, Is the Youth Leader at a Baptist Church & Works as a Gun Salesman for a Georgia Armory

robert wesley combs

Robert Wesley Combs.

According to his Facebook page, Robert Wesley Combs is a “future physician” who is currently working as a youth leader at Harmony Baptist Church in Monroe, Georgia. He is also a psychoneurology research assistant at the University of North Georgia.

robert wesley combs

Robert Wesley Combs.

Combs, who went to high school at Heritage Classical Academy, studied chemical biology at Liberty University for two years before finishing his undergraduate degree in molecular cell biology at the University of North Georgia.

Combs has also worked as a civilian gun sales agent at Cylde Armory in Athens, Georgia.

3. Combs Has Written on Facebook About Having Guns Stolen From His Car & About His Views on Gun Control & the 2nd Amendment

robert wesley combs monroe georgia

Robert Wesley Combs

Combs recently wrote on Facebook that he had guns stolen from his car. He wrote on July 7, “Public service announcement: Don’t leave your Apple Watch, AR-15, carry gun, backpack, and 900 dollars in your car because someone will break in and steal ALL OF IT in the middle of the night.”

On May 18, Combs wrote about his job as a gun salesman in relation to the shooting that day at Santa Fe High School in Texas that left 10 people dead and 13 injured. He wrote, “Friends, I won’t lie to all of you. I’ve put myself through college and to the gates of medical school by selling guns to people for a living. I care deeply about the lives of others, and especially the lives of children. It’s a bullet to my heart when I see guns used to take someone’s life away. On days like this, it’s difficult to know where I stand. Pray for the children who died in Texas today.”

But Combs has criticized gun control efforts. He wrote on March 25, “Irony: When Planned Parenthood openly supports a child-led anti-gun march because it wants to ‘save children’s lives.’ I guess you can’t die in a school shooting if you were killed in the womb.”

He wrote another post on March 23 about guns:

Media is a powerful thing. It has the ability to shift a nation’s perspective almost overnight. I would encourage you to think for yourselves on issues like gun control. There are tremendous implications surrounding these topics. Also, educate yourselves. If someone mentions an AR-15 being an “assault rifle”, or if they say ‘full semi-automatic,’ ignore everything else they say. They lack fundamental knowledge and shouldn’t be making your laws.

It’s not a good thing when legislators create policy based entirely on emotion regarding weapons they don’t understand. It’s even worse when the media forces down your throat an agenda so powerful that it causes you to re-think the legitimacy of the Bill of Rights.

The 2nd amendment wasn’t made for hunting. It wasn’t even made for self-defense. It was made to serve as a last resort in case of other freedoms, such as free speech and free practice of religion, becoming stifled. Read it sometime. You’ll be surprised.

There’s a reason the US accomplished so much in 250 years. We’re a baby country, but we did a lot of things right. We prioritized free enterprise and left the economy to the people whose ingenuity served us best. Don’t let your emotions tell you what to think. Read, study history, learn what didn’t work and don’t repeat it. It’s small compromises that lead to the grave mistakes that stifle the Liberty we take for granted. There are hundreds of millions of people who struggle daily to eat because of the rampant and systematic suppression of liberty. There’s a reason the Founders called it a ‘Creator-endowed right.’

If not yourself, think about your children and their children and those will come later. Do your due diligence to preserve the way of life you enjoy so much. It may not be here forever.

God bless America.

In February he wrote, “Even though I own several AR-15’s and at least 6 handguns, I am committed to the idea that at an individual should have at least 10 hours of training to purchase a firearm, period, and also undergo psychological examinations to purchase anything beyond a hunting rifle.”

He also advocated for armed security in schools, writing, “Simple math: It would cost the 139.6 million taxpayers in the US approximately 72 dollars per YEAR to have 3 armed security officers at every single public school in the US, each making an 18 dollar/hour average over 40 hours/week. Is it worth 72 dollars a year to save children’s lives?”

He wrote in October 2017, “If you’ll weep over lives lost to guns, make sure you weep for the 665,000 babies we murdered in 2013 while you’re at it. Maybe we should check with the babies themselves and see if they wanted to die. I guess we’d have to wait until they’re born to let them have an opinion. It’s not okay to be enraged about some types of murder and not others. Check yourself. Be consistent.”

robert combs georgia

Robert Combs.

After the Las Vegas concert shooting, he wrote, “The families of 50 dead people don’t care what you think about guns or laws. Stop using violence and murder as a platform to make your opinions heard.”

4. He Has Written Often About His Political & Religious Views

robert wesley combs

Robert Wesley Combs.

His Facebook page also contains anti-Socialism, other anti-abortion posts and several posts about his Christian faith and volunteer work, including a trip he took in 2017 to help the victims of storms in Houston.

On July 4, he wrote a post about loving being American.

“I love this country. We haven’t done everything right, but we did a lot of things right. Being American is about preserving the philosophies that brought us into existence and protecting the values that guided our successes. If only we could stop waiving our political banners and start recognizing that all people deserve the freedoms we’ve taken for granted,” he wrote. “If only we could see that freedom has a cost, and that stifling our beautiful constitution will only bring us pain.”

He added, “I’m proud to be an American, but I’m proud to be an American that thinks that being an American is more than trucks, guns and beer. I love America, and I’m willing to protect its values. Our identify is found in the things we treasure, and for myself, freedom is America’s greatest treasure.”

5. Combs Remains in the Custody of the DC Department of Corrections

robert wesley combs

Robert Wesley Combs.

Online records show Combs remains in the custody of the D.C. Department of Corrections. It is not clear when he is scheduled to appear in court and if bail has been set.

Combs could not be reached for comment by Heavy and it is not clear if he has hired an attorney.