Cesar Sayoc Called Trump ‘Greatest Commander Chief’

Twitter Cesar Sayoc social media includes this tweet

Cesar Sayoc, the suspect accused of sending suspicious packages to a series of top Democrats who are critics of President Donald Trump, actively criticized Democrats and praised Republicans on social media.

Sayoc’s Twitter page contains this tweet referring to Trump, “Happy Birthday greatest Commander Chief disruptor shake Washington upside down.we Unconquered Seminole Tribe current serving, Seminole Vets, Son Seminole Code Talkers. Thank you for all you do against everyone and not be stopped ever.Straight ahead get it done awesome build Wall.”

In a similar post, he changed the wording slightly, writing, “Happy Birthday the. Greatest results disruptor n Chief President ever Trump Trump Trump.We Unconquered Seminole,Miccouskee Tribes,Seminole Hard Rock Worldwide millions of our customers,Seminole American Top Team,Warrior Boxing, say thank you and appreciation.” The Seminole Tribe says he’s not a member.

He posted a video that appeared to be from a Trump rally, shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump.” He also wrote, “Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump the greatest result President ever.”

One photo showed him at the presidential inauguration.

On Facebook, where his page is now deleted, he also posted political pro Trump and pro Republican photos.

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Some photos from his now deleted Facebook page show him holding a pro Trump sign and wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

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In addition, Sayoc, 56, of Florida, drove a van that was covered with pro Trump and Republican decals and stickers. He was also a registered Republican, according to Florida voter records. In one post, he wrote, “Keith Ellison busted lies about fake day care Somalias 100 million dollar rip off of all Americans. The Somalia refugees laundering US money finance terrorist in Somalia . It time America we step up get rid all democrat scams rip off Media hid s (sic).”

The top posts on the suspect’s Twitter page are harshly critical of Andrew Gillum, the Democratic nominee for Florida governor:

Cesar Sayoc post

In posts on Twitter, Cesar Sayoc expressed support for numerous conservative positions. He trashed Michelle and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He weighed in on multiple news events. He trashed Stormy Daniels, the porn star who says she had an affair with President Donald Trump and criticized David Hogg, the Parkland, Florida high school student gun control activist. He wrote with a meme urging an NFL boycott, “Who cares barred , Banned ,Boycotted 4 life. Your sport weak more padding than armor fighter go cry about everything.” He showed a fixation with George Soros. A post contained this photo of Donald Trump:

Sayoc expressed anger toward members of the news media and celebrities. He threatened actor George Clooney in one Twitter post, writing, “It a big celebration Georg Clooney crashes and should have died. We almost had a super celebration prays answer Hollywood slime of century died. His time coming awesome .”

He wrote about draining the swamp.

Here’s another post from his Twitter page:

Cesar Sayoc Twitter page

His Twitter page is in his first and middle name only: Cesar Altieri. His profile reads, “Current Booking Agent/Sales/Marketing/Promotions/Project Mgr Live Events Seminole Hard Rock Live.Former Professional Soccer Player, Wrestler, Cage Fighter.”

He urged people to vote Republican and advocated for a red wave.

cesar sayoc

A post on Cesar Sayoc’s Twitter page

Cesar Sayoc also expressed anger at the media in rambling tweets. In one, he wrote, “You biggest piece crap media TMZ , that were complete silent Obama separating kids . Shut your hole TMZ before u end like media slime Saudi Arabia. No one deserves it better than fake fraud Washington Amazin owned post . We Unconquered Seminole Tribe agree.”

Cesar Sayoc tweet

He repeated variations of the above theme in multiple memes and tweets.

Cesar Sayoc tweet

Cesar Sayoc’s social media also included opposition to illegal immigration. He also wrote, “Go Republicans.Low taxes , low crimeWe Unconquered Seminole Tribe,Hard Rock,millions Our customers,Vets,Current Seminole American Top Team MMA.NoTo Progressive Social George Soros,Tom Steyer,Andrew Gillum Tall.Fl Leon county highest ever4 yrs in row#1 Fl Crime Rate 70.60%murder22.”

cesar sayoc

Cesar Sayoc tweet

He also posted about Barack Obama and Obama’s mother. One of the packages was sent to Obama. Others were sent to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Robert DeNiro, Joe Biden, and other Trump critics. Cesar Sayoc also had a Facebook page, but it’s now been deleted.

A package made it to the CNN mailroom. He had a criminal history, including an 2002 arrest for an offense labeled “threat to bomb,” CNN reported. There were eight arrest offenses in his record, including fraud to drug possession, CNN reported.

Several posts referred to a red wave.

He had other political posts:

Sayoc used Trump’s campaign slogan:

High Point University said in a statement that what the suspect wrote on LinkedIn about his educational background was false. “Cesar Altieri Sayoc never attended nor applied to High Point University,” the university stated in an email.