President Trump Comments on Cesar Sayoc Arrest

Cesar Sayoc

President Donald Trump spoke at a young black leadership event shortly after the arrest of suspicious package suspect Cesar Sayoc was announced by multiple news outlets. Videos and photos of a van said to belong to Sayoc, which was towed from the scene by law enforcement, revealed it was covered with Trump decals and other Republican stickers.

Authorities had not formally released Sayoc’s name at the time Trump first commented (they have now), and the president did not refer to it either, but he called the package threats “despicable” and pledged to fight against “political violence” in America. Read more about Cesar Sayoc here.

The president said, “I am pleased to inform you that law enforcement has apprehended the suspect and taken him into custody. This is an incredible job by law enforcement. We’ve carried out a far-reaching federal, state and local investigation… these terrorizing acts are despicable and have no place in our country. I’ve instructed authorities to spare no resource or expense…we will prosecute them, him, her, whoever it may be to the fullest extent of the law. We must never allow political violence to take root in America, and I’m committed to doing everything in my power as president to stop it, and to stop it now.”

Before the arrest, Trump had tweeted, “Republicans are doing so well in early voting, and at the polls, and now this “Bomb” stuff happens and the momentum greatly slows – news not talking politics. Very unfortunate, what is going on. Republicans, go out and vote!” He also wrote, “Funny how lowly rated CNN, and others, can criticize me at will, even blaming me for the current spate of Bombs and ridiculously comparing this to September 11th and the Oklahoma City bombing, yet when I criticize them they go wild and scream, “it’s just not Presidential!”

Cesar Sayoc, named as the suspect who is under arrest in the series of suspicious packages that were sent to former presidents and top Democratic officials, was a registered Republican, according to Florida voter records. He posted a video on Twitter that appeared to be from a Trump rally, shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

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The U.S. Justice Department has confirmed there was an arrest. Pix11 News reporter Myles Miller wrote on Twitter, “BREAKING: Senior law-enforcement sources have confirmed this suspect is Cesar Sayoc, 56, of Fort Lauderdale, Fl.” Other news outlets have also confirmed that the suspect is Cesar A. Sayoc. The DOJ has now confirmed Sayoc’s name.

Sayoc criticized Democrats and advocated for Republicans and Trump in rambling memes and posts on social media. He called Trump the “greatest commander chief” in one tweet. In a similar post, he changed the wording slightly, writing, “Happy Birthday the. Greatest results disruptor n Chief President ever Trump Trump Trump.We Unconquered Seminole,Miccouskee Tribes,Seminole Hard Rock Worldwide millions of our customers,Seminole American Top Team,Warrior Boxing, say thank you and appreciation.” He also wrote, “Happy Birthday President Donald J. Trump the greatest result President ever.”

Sayoc also had a Twitter page where he constantly posted comments and memes against Democrats and in favor of the GOP. On Facebook, he posted photos from Trump rallies and wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

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One photo showed him at the presidential inauguration.

He urged people to vote Republican and advocated for a red wave.

cesar sayoc

A post on Cesar Sayoc’s Twitter page

A post contained this photo of Donald Trump:

Read more of his social media posts here.

The male suspect was arrested at a business in Plantation, Florida, according to multiple media reports. There were twin theories that emerged after the packages were sent: Some people called him #magabomber because the packages were sent to critics of President Donald Trump. Others alleged it was a false flag attack by a liberal designed to blame Trump. However, the suspect’s van and social media posts show pro Trump and Republican advocacy.

Authorities towed the van away from an Auto Zone as part of the investigation. “The van is covered with President Trump pictures and stickers,” reported Dan Krauth, of NBC. Matt Drudge, who is conservative, called the van “SUSPECT’S TRUMPMOBILE…” on Twitter. CNN also reported that the van is covered with Republican oriented stickers. Daily Caller, a conservative site, reported that the suspect “appears to own a white van covered in Trump- and Republican-Party-themed stickers and decals.” CBS News reported this picture was taken at an earlier date but appeared to show the same van. However, CNN also showed images of the van being towed from the scene that reveal it is still littered with Trump and GOP stickers. One sticker read, “CNN sucks.”

In addition, Florida voter records say the following:

Full Name:


County Name:

Date Of Registration:

Republican Party of Florida

Voter Status:

Many news outlets reported that it was his van, and it appeared filled with political stickers:

On LinkedIn, Cesar Sayoc identified himself as “Promoter, booking agent Live entertainment, owner, choreographer.” He wrote that he was a veterinary medicine graduate, saying, “Career decision of becoming a Horse Doctor was always a love for animals, which were here first and never do anything to anyone. And respect all living things. My family very sound Sayoc name in Medical field Grandfather Col. Baltazar Zook Sayoc that perfect the conversion oriental eye to Americanize. The first plastic surgeon to be observed by 8 million people in NY city Hospital. He over through Communist Philippines liberated island. He built all hospitals in Philippines islands and sets standards highest level. Most surgeon use his instruments which are patented. And a lot surgeon use today. Also Sayoc intl. schools marshals arts Kali that used to over throw communist party . Also one 5 Hero’s disciplinary my mother Madeline Sayoc Giardiello First president Pharmacy Cosmetic Association, Who Who Business Women of Year, Soul buyer consultant for Home Shopping Network, head number 1 marketing consul in World Aventura Marketing consul, up for city counsel women Aventura.” Authorities have not yet revealed a specific motive but are planning an afternoon press conference to release additional details.

However, High Point University said in a statement that what the suspect wrote on LinkedIn was false. “Cesar Altieri Sayoc never attended nor applied to High Point University,” the university stated in an email.

The news of the suspect’s arrest came after a 12th package was discovered. It was addressed to James Clapper. The suspect lives in Southern Florida, according to CNN.

His home address is in Aventura, Florida, according to CNN, and he has a criminal history and ties to New York. Fox News reported that he lives in north Miami Beach and is 56. The prior arrests were for terrorist threats, Fox added.

Fox News reported that authorities had been watching the man for the past 24 hours. Cameras at a self-service kiosk helped authorities identify the man, Fox News reported.

CNN reported that the network heard late on October 25, 2018 that authorities had made significant progress in the investigation. NYPD officials were also spotted at the scene in Plantation, Florida.

Plantation is located about 37 minutes from Miami and is in Broward County.