Lauren London’s Kids: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Lauren London kids


Lauren London was the girlfriend of late rapper Nipsey Hussle. London is a mom of two kids, a son named Kameron, 9, with her ex, rapper Lil Wayne, and a son named Kross, 2, with Hussle.

On March 31, Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times outside of his shop, The Marathon Clothing, in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. The 33-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

On April 2, London posted a heartbreaking message about Hussle’s death on Instagram.

“I am completely lost. I’ve lost my best friend. My sanctuary. My protector. My soul…. I’m lost without you. We are lost without you, babe. I have no words,” she captioned a pic of Hussle.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. There Are Rumors That She Was Engaged to Hussle

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Our Grandchildren will frame this @gq @nipseyhussle

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Although the two were extremely close and very much in love, London and Hussle were not married — as far as the public knows.

Over the years, there have been rumors that the two were engaged. Those rumors hit a fever pitch following what appeared to be an engagement photoshoot back in January of this year, but TMZ reported that the shoot, in which both London and Hussle were dressed in white, was for a spread in GQ Magazine.

Interestingly, TMZ also reported that “multiple sources” maintained that the two were indeed engaged. The couple never confirmed an engagement.

2. She & Lil Wayne Co-Parent Kameron

London was previously engaged to Lil Wayne. The two split in early 2009, just months before their son was born. Despite no longer being together, London and Wayne have done their best to co-parent their son.

A few years back, London sat down for an interview with Wendy Williams. In said interview, she opened up a bit about her relationship with Wayne. She told Williams that the two are “great friends” and that co-parenting is pretty easy. They are both on the same page when it comes to raising their son.

Lil Wayne is a dad to three other kids; His daughter, Reginae Carter, was born in 1998. Her mom is Wayne’s ex, Antonia Wright. He was a son named Dwayne Michael Carter III, who was born in 2008 to Sarah Vivan. He and Nivea welcomed Neal Carter in 2009.

3. She Was Forced to Make a Decision About Her Career When She Got Pregnant With Hussle’s Baby

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Young. On his Hussle.

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London and Hussle started dating in 2013. Three years later, London found out that she was pregnant. She had just nailed down a role in Snowfall and ended up having to pass on it because she was with child.

“Lauren was handpicked by John Singleton to do Snowfall. She read, got the part, shot the pilot…did stunts…this was her dream role. And then she got pregnant with our son. That was a really hard decision for her to make,” Hussle told GQ Magazine earlier this year.

It wasn’t an easy decision for London.

“It was the toughest decision of my career by far,” she told the outlet.

“I didn’t put any pressure on her for whatever decision she wanted to make. I learned then that what she believes in, she really believes in,” Hussle said.

London and Hussle welcomed their son Kross Asghedom a few months later.

4. She Keeps Her Kids off of Social Media & out of the Public Eye

London has done her absolute best to keep her kids off of social media. She rarely shares photo of either of her boys on Instagram. In the instances where she has posted pictures of Kross, for example, she doesn’t share angles that show his face.

Both Lil Wayne and Hussle have been respectful of this wish as well and haven’t put their kids in the spotlight. In fact, the very first time that Kameron Carter was spotted in a public arena was in 2016 when Wayne took him to a Lakers game. You can see photos of the outing here.

In her most recent Instagram post (seen above), London uploaded a video of herself and about being a mom. At the end of the video, her son Kameron pops in briefly.

“So, one of the most wonderful things about being a mother is that, when your kids get sick? You better know that in the next two days…” she said.

“You get sick,” Kameron says.

5. Hussle Had a Daughter Named Emani

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London’s boyfriend also has a 7-year-old daughter named Emani. Her mom is Hussle’s ex, Tanisha Asghedom.

Earlier this year, Nipsey Hussle walked the red carpet at the 2019 Grammy Awards with his daughter on his arm. The event was very special for Hussle, who was nominated for Best Rap Album of the year for Victory Lap. His daughter was the perfect date for the occasion.

Hussle shared the photo above from the event and it’s one of the very few photos he has ever posted of his two kids. He captioned the photo with one emoji; a blue heart.

It’s unclear how close London was to Emani or if they had any kind of relationship.

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