Savannah Chrisley, Todd Chrisley’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On April 2, Savannah Faith Chrisley, daughter of Todd Chrisley from the reality series, Chrisley Knows Best, will premiere in her own spin-off alongside brother Chase, 22, in Growing Up Chrisley. In the new series, the 21-year-old be leaving her family’s home in Nashville and heading to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of starting a beauty line, while her brother tries his hand at acting.

In the spin-off, the duo packed their bags, and left their fellow reality TV family at home, mother Julie, little brother Grayson, Nanny Faye, Todd’s eldest daughter from his previous marriage, Lyndsie, and niece, Coco. But the entire clan will be back on TV soon. USA recently renewed Chrisley Knows Best for seventh season, and whether or not this spin-off will make it to a second season is unknown. While Radar Online reports the brother and sister hate each other in real life, Savannah told Page Six, “I wanted to kill Chase a week into it because he just… he is the worst roommate you could imagine.” Perhaps, the massive Los Angeles dream pad wasn’t quite big enough for the two of them, or it’s a media ploy to drum up publicity.

Regardless, Savannah, a former pageant queen, who’s now engaged to hockey player Nic Kerdiles, is looking forward to creating distance between and her and the overbearing patriarch of the family. Plus, relocation to LA will bring her closer to her boyfriend, who lives in San Diego, California.

1. Savannah Met Boyfriend Nic By Sliding into His DMs

After breaking up with her NBA players ex, Luke Kinnard, Savannah fell in love with hockey player Nic Kerdiles, 25, who skates for the Manitoba Moose while under contract with the Winnipeg Jets. He is also a real estate agent in Tennessee. The two couple has been dating for over a year, and based on their Instagram pages, the two are obsessed with each other.

For those wondering how Savannah and Nic found one another, she took to Instagram to no-shame explain that she had slid into his DMs. “So many of y’all are asking how we met so here it goes: I was scrolling through Instagram one day and then went over to the activity page and a girl I follow liked one of his pics and I was like “ohhhh dangggg….who’s that!” I then proceeded to take my shot and send him a message… thankfully he responded and then it was history lol! The End.”

There was only one hitch, Kerdiles lives in San Diego, California. But their internet connection ran deep and after Savannah flew to the west coast to finally meet him in person, the rest was history. Posting the story to Instagram she wrote, “I went and spent the first weekend in San Diego to see how well [Nic] and I meshed (we had been talking and FaceTiming for about a month and a half)… on this exact night one year ago Nic took me to one of the nicest restaurants in San Diego on the water and sat me down and said… ‘I don’t really do this… I’m so nervous. But will you be my girlfriend?’ I have never had a guy actually sit me down and ask me… saying yes to him then was the best decision I could’ve ever made!!!”

Kerdiles has appeared on Chrisley Knows Best and he’s even received Savannah’s father blessing. On April 2, it was revealed the he had proposed to Savannah back in December 2018. He gave her a 5 carat diamond ring surrounded by 18 round cut diamonds.

2. She Got in a Horrible Car Crash in 2017

Season 5, Episode 4: 'Savannah's Car Wreck' | Chrisley Knows BestTodd takes Savannah and the rest of the Chrisley family to see her damaged car, and to provide a few words of wisdom in the process. Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network. » Watch Full Episodes: » Subscribe to Chrisley Knows Best on YouTube: » Watch. Record. Remind. #ChrisleyKnowsBest #USANetwork New half-hour…2017-03-18T10:59:58.000Z

When Savannah was 19, she lost control of her car after her floor mat got stuck to the pedal and slammed into a guardrail. She sustained cuts and bruises, and a broken vertebrae in her neck. While she gave her family a good scare, Savannah was able to heal from her injuries within six weeks.

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I can truly say that I now FULLY understand the meaning of this quote…the past couple of days have been some of the toughest days for me. And I truly think that God has made them so difficult because I began straying away from Him and His word…I got in a car accident early Monday morning because my floor mat had gotten stuck behind my pedals so I looked down for a brief second to try and get it out of the way and then I realized that I was headed straight towards the guardrails….I tried to over correct but it didn't help. As soon as I hit the guardrail my airbags came out and because of the airbags and seatbelt the injuries weren't near as bad as they could have been. But what I do remember is going in and out of consciousness screaming for help and cars just continued to pass. It felt like I had been laying there for at least twenty minutes begging for help. And then a man stopped and ran over to me and got the police my way…so thank you to the amazing man that stopped and helped me as everyone else was passing. I have no idea who you are but thank you…I could never repay you for your act of kindness. Also…to all of you hurtful people that are saying that I deserved it and got what was coming for me…you need Jesus and I'll help by praying for you. And to all of those who are being supportive…I thank you very much. It means the world. The next month or so I will be recovering from a broken vertebrae which has caused numbness in my hands and fingers and pain all throughout my neck, back, and shoulders. While recovering physically I'm going to take time to recover spiritually and mentally as well. I want to be the best version of myself possible and that will happen. We all make mistakes…all that matters is how we learn and grow from them. I truly believe that God has used this situation to open my eyes to what is truly important in life and to put my focus back on Him in order to live the right life and be unbelievably happy. So right now I just want to say thank you again…love you all ❤️ -SFC-

A post shared by Savannah Faith Chrisley (@savannahchrisley) on Jan 17, 2017 at 5:40pm PST

“It’s put a lot of things into perspective and it’s made me realize things I need more focus on,” Savannah shared with E Online’s Jason Kennedy and Catt Sadler, as after the accident, Savannah was trolled hard on social media for being a reckless driver.
In the comments section, online trolls blamed her accident on texting and driving, a dialogue for which her father was quick to shut down. While speaking with People Todd said, “The last text message she sent out was 44 minutes before she had her wreck. So for people to say, ‘Oh, yeah, it was the floor mat, she was texting and dropped her phone in the floorboard and that’s why she wrecked, dumb b**ch.’ Those kinds of things are hurtful… The good news is Savannah is safe and alive,” he said. “She’s going to recover and she has a family that worships the ground that she walks on.”

3. Savannah and Nic star in Matt Stell’s ‘Pray for You’ Music Video

Matt Stell – Prayed For You (Official Music Video)The official Music Video for "Prayed For You" by Matt Stell featuring Savannah Chrisley. “Prayed For You” is available everywhere! Listen here: Connect with Matt Stell: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Website: “Prayed For You” Lyrics: (Verse) I've never been one to ask for help If I need a mountain moved I…2018-07-11T13:56:22.000Z

In July 2018, Savannah and her boyfriend starred in Matt Sell’s music video for his single, “Pray for You,” only after receiving her father’s permission, of course.

“We get a lot of requests for Savannah to be in music videos,” Todd said to People. “And normally it’s not something I would want her to do, but Matt Stell’s song is a very uplifting song. It gives me hope for these young girls and guys today.”

Savannah found that starring in a music video was way more easier than taping their pressure filled reality series. “I would take this any day! It was so much fun and everyone was so great to work with. ‘Prayed for You’ is a song that explains how if you focus on the right thing, then the right thing will come along. I fell in love with this song when I heard it. My generation looks for their person in all the wrong ways.”

4. Savannah Lost Miss Teen USA 2016 to Miss Texas

While Savannah earned the crown of Miss Tennessee in 2016, when it came to the main competition, she was defeated by Karly Hay, Miss Texas. And like a true pageant queen, she handled the loss with dignity and grace.

The night before the competition, she posted on Instagram “No matter what the outcome is… I have been extremely blessed with great new friendships. I will never stop trying to make a difference in this world.”

Savannah harbors no ill will after losing the crown, and she’s remained closely involved with the Miss Teen USA organization ever since. With the family’s reality show, she’s returned to film and promote the competition every year.

5. Savannah’s LA Pad is Obnoxiously Stunning

Growing Up Chrisley | Chase And Savannah's House TourJoin Savannah Chrisley and Chase Chrisley for a tour of their swanky L.A. home. For more exclusive content visit Subscribe to Chrisley Knows Best ►► Watch More Chrisley Knows Best ►► Watch full episodes of Chrisley Knows Best ►► #ChrisleyKnowsBest #USANetwork More About Chrisley Knows Best: Chrisley Knows Best is a…2019-03-21T23:59:56.000Z

Most people’s first home after moving out of their parents’ house does not look like the Los Angeles pad Savannah and Chase moved into to film Growing Up Chrisley. While most 20-somethings move into an apartment with roommates, the Chrisleys moved into a massive two bedroom house that has both a pool and a jacuzzi.

In USA’s promo video, Savannah continuously complains while walking around the stunning abode about her brother’s partying tendencies, but in this vast stunning home, he could have a full rager in the backyard and she may not even notice from her master bedroom. Somehow, the younger sister snagged the grand suite which is attached to an insanely large bathroom that is equipped with a windowed shower that looks to be bigger than Chase’s entire bedroom.

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