Nearly 20,000 People Attend Trump’s Orlando Rally [Crowd Size Photos]

Trump Orlando Rally Crowd Size


Thousands packed the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida tonight as President Donald Trump held a rally officially launching his 2020 campaign. Just how many people were there? The venue with a capacity of 20,000 was packed. Current numbers estimate at least 18,000 were at the rally tonight, but possibly as many as 20,000. Read on to see crowd photos and learn more about the rally tonight.

The Amway Center’s capacity is nearly 20,000 depending on the setup. According to, the seating capacity for a center stage concert is 19,700.  For an end stage concert it’s 16,000. For an NBA event it’s 18,500. For NCAA basketball the capacity is 20,000. And for hockey/arena football, the capacity is 17,200. Considering how the venue was set up today, it was a capacity near 20,000.

Monica Alba of NBC News said venue staff said the capacity can even be 22,000 at times. The venue was packed, she shared in the photos below, and the campaign estimated the final crowd was somewhere between 18,500 and 22,000.

A later video showing the crowd when Trump took the stage shows a packed venue with almost no seats empty. This makes it appear that the crowd numbers are close to 20,000 tonight at the Orlando rally. Crowther from AP said the Amway Center in Orland was “now packed” after saying earlier that it wasn’t full yet.

Here’s a look at the crowd doing the wave before the rally.

Eight people were so excited about the rally that they showed up nearly 40 hours before it started, Florida Today shared. The first one showed up around 2:30 a.m. on Monday for a rally beginning at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Orlando Sentinel noted that by a little later on Monday morning, 24 people were already in line, and the line had grown to 50 by 3 p.m. Then by Monday night, there were 250 people in line a full 24 hours ahead of the rally. Some people even waited in shifts or set up tents so they wouldn’t lose their spots.

This was the view outside noon, eight hours before the rally was starting.

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At 8 p.m., the gates were still open and allowing people inside. Michael Williams of the Orlando Sentinel said this indicated that the rally didn’t quite reach capacity.

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Here’s a look at the crowd entering the arena.

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It appears that Trump’s new slogan might be “Keep America Great!”

First Lady Melania Trump introduced her husband. She doesn’t often speak at his rallies, so this was a rare moment for the crowd.

Here are some more crowd photos from the rally. This first photo shows hundreds waiting in the rain several hours before the rally.

GettyHundred supporters wait in line several hours before the rally.

Here is the crowd before Trump began speaking.

GettyA man holds up a sign as the crowd waits for Trump.

GettyPeople pose with a Trump mannequin before the rally.


During his speech, Trump told the crowd that the future has never looked brighter or sharper, and promised more to come. And of course, Trump took a jab at the media at one point. “That is a lot of fake news back there,” he said, pointing to the media who were at the rally.

Here’s another look at the packed venue as the crowd shouts “Locker her up!” about Hillary Clinton.


Trump said they broke down special interests during his presidency so far and took on a political machine “that tried to take away your voice and your vote…your dignity and your destiny.”