Heather Tiffany Robinson Today: Where Is Tiffany Stasi Now?

Tiffany Stasi Now

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Heather Tiffany Robinson, born Tiffany Stasi, was the sole survivor of a serial killer, John Robinson. He killed her mother, Lisa Stasi and at least five other women.

Robinson was only 4 months old when her mother disappeared. Stasi was 19 years old and had recently left her husband, Carl Stasi, and moved into a women’s shelter. Robinson entered her life, portraying himself as a philanthropist who wanted to help single women. Meanwhile, his brother, Donald Robinson and his wife, Helen Robinson, were heartbroken they could not conceive a child. John Robinson told his brother he would find them a child, and brought baby Tiffany Stasi to them. He said her mother died by suicide in a hotel room, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Heather Robinson learned the truth when she was 16 years old, a revelation that shattered her reality.

Nearly two decades later, she spoke publicly for the first time to 20/20. Robinson is now married and is a mother herself, which has hardened her resolve to discover the truth about her biological mother. She founded “The Lisa Stasi Effect” to help answer the many questions that remain unanswered and to bring her mother to her final resting place.

Robinson is married to Roberto Ramos and is a mother of boys.

Here’s what you need to know:

Robinson Founded ‘The Lisa Stasi Effect’ to Help Uncover the Truth About Her Mom

Robinson founded “The Lisa Stasi Effect” which is an organization and a podcast to answer questions about her mother’s disappearance. She wants to find the remains of her mother, Lisa Stasi, answer the questions about what happened to her, and finally bury her in her final resting place. Stasi has a grave marker, but her body has never been found.

Robinson is recording a podcast which includes interviews with her adopted father, Donald Robinson, who is the brother of the serial killer convicted of her mother’s murder. John Robinson gave the baby to Donald and his wife, Helen Robinson, and the two had no idea adoption papers were forged. John Robinson told them the mother of the baby died by suicide in a hotel room. Robinson, who was born Tiffany Stasi, did not know the truth about her mother until she was 16 years old.

Robinson has a YouTube channel for the podcast, which has not yet been launched.

Her website collects donations for her efforts and includes a blog.

She writes about her childhood and her inner turmoil at discovering the truth about her mother in a post called “Pineapple: A letter to the mother less mentioned.”

“It’s no question my devotion, obsession and need to find Lisa. However that doesn’t mean I never had a mother,” she wrote. “Childhood to me was rainbow sherbert and Turkey sandwiches with grandma. Never ending errands, doctors appointments and some type of extracurricular activity for me. Lip singing and putting on performances for everyone. Easter, Christmas, birthdays and special occasions with grandma, grandpa and aunty. The Christmas calendar and the excitement to count down each day with you. It was never being allowed to act disrespectful and held accountable for misbehavior but fiercely gaurded and protected. I was a scared, angry, confused child who was absolutely heartbroken to find out I wasn’t actually biologically yours without knowing what biology was.”

Robinson Said She Has Been Harassed Online Since Coming Forward to Tell Her Story

Heather Robinson wrote on her Facebook page, The Lisa Stasi Effect, she has been harassed online by people who may be biological family members or friends. She shared a screenshot from one woman criticizing her for not speaking with her biological father, Carl Stasi. Robinson wrote in a Facebook post she tried to find her biological dad, although as a teen she decided not to pursue a relationship with him.

In another post, she elaborated on the timing of her choice to come forward.

“Why now? It’s the number one question I see pop up in comments,” she wrote. “To be honest I always wanted to come forward but I was scared. In the last two days I’ve been called a selfish, heartless ****, had my father harassed and what I believe to be possible biological family or friends of biological family sending angry, harassing messages. It’s not my intention to have others hurt or relive their trauma so I can get answers about Lisa.”

She once described the page as her “safe haven,” and later wrote about antagonism she faced since coming forward.

Robinson posts frequently on the Facebook page, often sharing memes with a wry sense of humor. She often posts about fascination with serial killer podcasts and shows.

Robinson occasionally posts about post-traumatic stress disorder, hinting at struggles or sharing information to spread awareness.

Robinson Wrote On Facebook She Was Trying to Find Her Dad, Although She Previously Chose Not to Meet Him

After fingerprints confirmed Heather Robinson was Tiffany Stasi, her biological father said he wanted to meet his daughter. In 2000, his attorney, Seth Shumaker, told the Chicago Tribune Carl Stasi wanted to connect with his daughter, but did not want to push the issue.

“The child is 16 years of age and she does not know my client,” Shumaker said. “That’s not his fault, and that’s not her fault. We don’t want to force the issue. We want her to be the one to decide what kind of contact and when.”

At that time, she decided she did not want to pursue a relationship with him. At age 18, she was legally adopted by Donald Robinson and Helen Robinson.

“I had been openly asked, ‘Well don’t you want to know who your biological father is?’ I said absolutely not…inside, in my heart, I have a dad, I don’t need another one,” Heather Robinson said.

Since that time, she posted on Facebook that she has tried to find him.

“Does anyone know where Carl Stasi is at? Do you have a way for me to contact him? I’ve tried finding him through his sister, ABC, his daughter and messaging his personal Facebook for almost a year with no luck,” she wrote on Facebook.

Robinson Is Married to Roberto Ramos, Who Supports Her in Her Quest for Answers & Has Children

Heather Tiffany Robinson Roberto Ramos

Roberto Ramos (far left) stands next to his wife, Heather Robinson, along with 20/20 crew members.

Roberto Ramos is a strong supporter of his wife’s quest to find answers in the death of her mother, to recover Lisa Stasi’s remains and finally bury her in her final resting place.

“What I truly want is just for her to find peace in her heart, to be able to say goodbye,” Ramos told 20/20.

Robinson thanked her husband on Facebook for his support.

“Thank you Roberto, Brooke and Andrew with ABC, Tricia Griffith of Websleuths, Steven, my adopted mom and dad and everyone who participated in this project to help get answers,” she wrote.

Robinson is also a mother who gave birth to sons, who she mentioned on her blog.

“I carry on with the hopes of being am amazing mom. Someone my boys can look up to, despite my set backs and flaws,” she wrote.

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