‘Bad Girl of Conservative Politics’ Releases Calendar of Boudoir Photography for Charity

Breck Worsham

Instagram/Breck Worsham Breck Worsham pictured on her Instagram page.

Breck Worsham is the Donald Trump-supporting pundit who has released a calendar of boudoir photography alongside lawyer David Wohl. Wohl is the father of conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl.

Worsham announced the release of the calendar on November 21 in an Instagram post that read, “America’s bad girl of conservative politics and 2016 Trump campaign surrogate David Wohl together for the first time in Breck Worsham’s Official 2016 calendar. All personal proceeds go to benefit our vets, wounded warriors and children’s causes.”

Worsham had begun teasing the release of the calendar on her page on November 15. The calendar can be ordered through Worsham’s official website. Worsham also sells individual posters on her site.

1. Worsham Sent Out a Tweet Mocking Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Death, the Day After His Passing

Breck Worsham Instagram elijah cummings

Instagram/Breck Worsham

On October 18, Worsham posted a meme to her Instagram page which saw the words, “Damn, it’s hot down here,” superimposed to appears as if Rep. Elijah Cummings had tweeted it. Cummings, a veteran of the civil rights movement, died on October 17 at the age of 68. Under that message, a similarly superimposed tweet from the late Senator John McCain read, “Yeah, but it’s a dry heat.”

2. Worsham Says She Is an ‘Advocate for America, Truth & the Constitution’

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Happy #LaborDayWeekend patriots! ?? #MAGA

A post shared by Breck Worsham (@breckworshamofficial) on Aug 31, 2019 at 8:35am PDT

Worsham refers to herself as a “journalist and advocate for America, truth and the constitution,” on her Gab page. Worsham also maintains the website, The Patriotic Blonde. In the bio section of that page, Worsham says that she began “writing professionally in 2008” after she was asked to cover Casey Anthony’s case as well as President Barack Obama’s successful 2008 presidential victory.

3. Worsham’s Work Has Appeared in USA Today & Yahoo News

Worsham says her work has appeared in USA Today, CBS affiliates, Yahoo News and MichaelSavage.com.

That bio concludes with the words, “Although my formal education is in law, my passion for politics and the Constitution drives me to use my public position as a means to facilitate change.” The last update on the Patriotic Blonde came on October 29.

4. Worsham Was Permanently Banned From Twitter on December 24

On December 24, Worsham was permanently banned from Twitter after she tweeted, “Kill ’em all…Let God sort ’em out…” The message, she said, was targeted at “violent pedophiles.”

Worsham released a statement on Instagram regarding her banning saying, “I was notified this morning, December 24, 2018, that Twitter had suspended my account on the grounds of “hate speech” because I spoke out against pro-pedophile accounts on the platform and called for the death penalty to pedophiles. Bans are nothing new to me, as I have been here many times before. What is troubling, however, is the ongoing war on Conservatives and those who seek to shine light upon the truth. I’m not the first account to be banned for telling the truth, and I certainly will not be the last. Laura Loomer was famously banned from most social media platforms just this past Thanksgiving for doing no more than that.”

Breck Worsham Twitter

Twitter/The Patriotic Blonde

At the time of her suspension, Worsham had 83,000 Twitter followers. One occasion, Worsham tweeted, “Quick question to you Dems about the upcoming civil war. We’ll be the ones dressed in camo and armed with AR-15’s. How do we spot you? Pink pussy hats?”

5. Worsham Says She Has Never Drank or Taken Drugs

Worsham said in November 2018 that she was raised by a “Native American Mamaw.” Worsham said that because of that, the one thing she feared most in the world was “the switch.” Worsham added that as a result, she never drank or took drugs in her life. Worsham finished by saying, “I respect the law & elders & I’ve raised my kids to do the same.”

On her Facebook page, Worsham says she is originally from Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

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