Celebration, Florida Death Investigation at Missing Family’s Home

celebration death investigation

Facebook The missing Todt family, whose home in Celebration, Florida is subject to the death investigation.

A Connecticut physical therapist named Anthony Todt is accused of killing his entire family – wife and three kids – and the family dog, the Sheriff’s Department reports.

The Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said in a January 15 news conference that a federal arrest warrant was being served for Anthony Todt when authorities discovered his family dead inside a Celebration, Florida home and arrested Todt, who apparently stayed inside the home for days after allegedly murdering his entire family and the family pet.

“Deputies discovered four deceased individuals inside,” Gibson said. “The cause of death of the four decedents inside the home is homicide.” He said “Anthony has cooperated with the investigation, and he has confessed to killing his wife Megan Todt, 42 years of age…and their three children. Alek Todt, 13; Tyler Todt, 11; and Zoe Todt, 4. “Anthony also killed their family dog, Breezy,” confirmed the emotional sheriff. He said the manner in which they were killed is not yet clear, and he didn’t know where the bodies were found in the home.

Authorities were conducting a “death investigation” at a home in Celebration, Florida, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department confirmed previously.

Other than a few brief statements at a press conference on January 13, 2020, authorities said very little about what they found inside the home until the 15th. Court records for a recent eviction filing confirm that the home was the residence of a missing family – the Todts – from Connecticut. Their family members were desperately seeking information about the family on Facebook. Family members say the entire family went missing on January 6, 2020. However, the sheriff now says authorities think Todt killed his family in late December, remaining inside the home.

Tony and Megan Todt owned a well-known physical therapy firm in Colchester, Connecticut, but they split their time in Florida. They had three children. Celebration, Florida is a Walt Disney Co. constructed community located near Disney World.

Todt’s life was unraveling. In addition to the eviction order, Todt was already under investigation. “The Office of the Attorney General can confirm we have an open False Claims Act investigation into Anthony Todt. Beyond that, we are unable to comment or provide further details,” the Connecticut AG’s office told journalist Ashley Afonso.

In a bizarre twist, Heavy.com has learned that Tony Todt’s father, Robert Todt, was convicted in a 1980 failed murder for hire plot in which Robert’s wife, and Tony’s mother, was shot by Robert’s former student. Tony Todt, then age 4, witnessed part of the attack. You can read more about that angle here.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Celebration Police Confirmed They Were at the Residence for a ‘Death Investigation’

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Department wrote on January 13, 2020, “OCSO deputies are conducting a death investigation in the North Village area at Celebration. Media staging area is located at Celebration Blvd and Reeves Street.” They have not provided additional details, nor did they respond to a request from Heavy.com for details on the Todt family’s disappearance, including whether there was an investigation into that.

In a brief news conference, Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson said, “This is an isolated incident, and all parties involved with this death investigation are accounted for.” He added, “We’re in the very beginning stages of the investigation.”

Local journalists learned through sources that the investigation may involve a missing family.

A woman who is an administrator on the family’s page wrote this on Facebook, “I am so sorry to report that 4 bodies have been found (not identified) in celebration, Florida today. Tony is at the hospital. We have no further details and we will update you when we know more. Please pray for the family.” The authorities have not confirmed that information.

Amanda Dukes, a journalist with WESH-TV, shared the above photo of a man being arrested and wrote on Twitter, “Neighbors in Celebration say this is a photo of a man being arrested today by @OsceolaSheriff deputies at 202 Reserve place, a home where they are doing a death investigation. One neighbor says they had called police after not seeing the family’s children for several days.”

Authorities haven’t said whether anyone is under arrest. However, here’s a screenshot from Florida court records on the eviction showing the same address for the Todts:

Court records show the complaint for eviction against the Todts was filed on December 22, 2019 regarding the Celebration home. The case remained open. A summons was sent on December 26.

Here’s a video on Celebration:

VideoVideo related to celebration, florida death investigation at missing family’s home2020-01-13T16:42:22-05:00

Dukes also wrote: “This is the home in Celebration where deputies are doing a death investigation. Neighbors say around 9:30 AM the father of the family that lives in the home was seen being ordered out by deputies with guns drawn and was taken away in handcuffs.”

Family Members Created a Facebook Page Called ‘Looking for the Todt Family’

tony todt family

FacebookAnthony “Tony” Todt family.

Concerned family members created a Facebook page for the missing Todts called “Looking for the Todt Family.” They say that they last heard from the Todt family on January 6, 2020, via a text from Tony. Family posts indicated that the couple was from Colchester, Connecticut but was spending time in Celebration, Florida. Tony’s full name is Anthony Todt. Family members indicated on Facebook that the missing Todt family consists of Tony, Megan, Alek, Tyler, Zoe and their dog Breezy.

On LinkedIn, Tony Todt said he was the owner of Family Physical Therapy in Colchester and East Hampton Connecticut for more than 11 years. He listed no other employment. He wrote that he had an MSPT in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University. He is also affiliated with an LLC called Performance Edge Sports.

The Facebook page for Family Physical Therapy describes it as the following: “At Family PT in CT, we use patient-centered approaches to focus on the whole individual, together, as a family. Our experienced clinicians will help you set and reach your goals – from improving daily tasks to training athletes. No matter the cause, we will create a plan that will ensure your success each time you walk through our door!”

The company’s website lists Megan as a physical therapist too, writing:

“Megan Todt, MSPT, RYT received her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Sacred Heart University in 2001, which included rotations in Pediatrics, Acute Care, Outpatient PT, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. She has extensive knowledge in Pediatric Physical Therapy throughout the country, being licensed in Connecticut, California, and Florida. After receiving her Master’s Degree, Megan pursued her 200 Hour Certification as a Yoga Instructor and is also licensed as a Rehabilitative Yoga Instructor. Megan possesses extensive knowledge in Pediatric Therapy and has integrated Yoga into her overall Therapy Practice. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, being a mom, hiking, reading, and traveling.”

Tony Todt’s biography on his website reads as follows:

“Anthony J. Todt, MSPT, CSCS, SAQ received his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy 1999 from Sacred Heart University, which included rotations and internships in Home Care, Outpatient Physical Therapy, Wound Management, Acute Post Surgical Therapy, and Inpatient Rehabilitation. Anthony is licensed in California, Florida, and Connecticut and has had the fortune to further his Physical Therapy experience through experiences throughout the country and his involvement in rehabilitating professional athletes, progressive surgical procedures, and continues to improve his knowledge through continuing education in the same. After receiving his Master’s Degree, Anthony became a National Certified Sports and Conditioning Specialist and a NESTA Speed, Agility and Quickness Coach.”

Anthony J. Todt

The biography continues: “Before Family Physical Therapy, he also worked at Gaylord Rehabilitation Outpatient Facility where he gained extensive knowledge in Aquatic Therapy and Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation. He treats using knowledge in Integrative Manual Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Mulligan and Mackenzie Techniques, Specialized Therapeutic Exercise, and Maitland manual therapy techniques. Anthony especially enjoys working with knee injuries, especially those of athletes. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family, coaching in the community, watching his clients’ athletic competitions, and being the fourth kid in his family of two sons and one daughter.”

A woman wrote on the family’s Facebook group page, “I am shocked by this news, I would have seen Tony last in the office (I am guessing the week Before he left for FL).. We were pretty chatty (I have been seeing Tony since about 2008, we have always been pretty friendly) I was sensing his being somewhat stressed by ‘life’ his commute and whatnot, but was not under the impression he would do anything that would leave him out of communication. I am worried, praying for their safety and would certainly convey any information I come across!”

Another woman wrote, “I was seeing your brother for physical therapy. The last time i saw him was the wk before Thanksgiving. After that the office called me and cancelled all my future appts saying Tony was dealing with a personal matter. I reached out to him in December but got no response. Hope you find something out soon. Keeping your family in my thoughts.”

megan todt

Megan Todt with her kids

On the family’s Facebook page, Alicia Schmidt wrote, “Hi, we are looking for our family. We are seeking information on their last communications to others. Please let us know the last time you’ve heard from the Todt’s: Tony,Megan, and the kids. At this time, we are seeking information. Please do not message the family asking for details as it is a sensitive matter and we are just looking for Information. If you haven’t heard from them or don’t even know them, please help us by sharing the page.” Family members wrote that they had last heard from the Todts on January 6, 2020, via a text from Tony.

Family members posted this list of questions and answers.

What kind of car are they driving? We don’t know. We know where their vehicles are.

When did you last hear from them? 1/6. The family was in Florida at this time.

Could they have just unplugged? No, they always give us a head’s up beforehand.

Could they be on vacation? No, they would have let us know.

Who is missing? The Todt Family. Tony, Megan, Alek, Tyler, Zoe and their dog Breezy.

Can you ping their phone? Yes, but there is a process.

Can you use find your phone? There is a process.

Why is there no sort of alert? The FL and CT authorities are involved in the case. They are aware of the situation. We are respectfully following their lead.

A woman wrote to the page, “My husband saw them Dec 15th. They are our neighbors and my kids play with them. He speaks to them often when he is walking our dog bc Megan is often out walking theirs. My kids haven’t played with them since before Christmas because they have not seen them outside. They were in their vehicle that was packed on Dec 15th. My husband was going to offer them our beach buckets bc he was going to toss them and he assumed they were going on vacation because of the way their vehicle was packed.”

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