Trump Responds to Viral ‘Orange Face’ Photo: My ‘Hair Looks Good’

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A photo of Donald Trump went viral on Twitter with the hashtag “Orange Face” after photographer William Moon posted a picture of the President on the social media site. Moon shared the photo via the handle @photowhitehouse, which made it seem like it was an official photo of Trump walking across the South Lawn after returning from a trip in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Critical tweets and jokes about Trump’s heavily tanned face are nothing new, however, it doesn’t appear that Moon is a real credentialed White House photographer. His Instagram account, “Whitehousephotos” is not verified, although it does include numerous stunning photos of 1600 Penn and Washington D.C. landmarks. Moon also posts a ton of photos of Trump and First Lady Melania Trump with official-sounding captions.

In the viral “Orange Face” photo, Trump’s face appears to be a bright tangerine orange. The color difference between his natural skin tone and what he looks like with layers of fake tanner is readily apparent at his hairline.

On Saturday, Trump commented on the picture. He retweeted a black and white version of the picture, which seemed to further highlight the contrast in his face and wrote, “More Fake News. This was photoshopped, obviously, but the wind was strong and the hair looks good? Anything to demean!”

Getty photographer Brendan Smialowski posted also shared a photo of Trump on the South Lawn from February 7, the same day Moon’s photo was allegedly taken, and the face color contrast is not as extreme.

Donald Trump

The President was returning from North Carolina after addressing the Charlotte crowd during the Opportunity Now summit at Central Piedmont Community College. The half-day summit was brought together to discuss inmate re-entry, low-income area economic development, infrastructure, and the future of historically black colleges and universities.

The Jokes & Comments On Twitter Continued Despite Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Claim

While the viral photo of Trump looks to be altered, which can be done via digital manipulation and adjusting the color contrast of the original image, a tan line is still visible in the Getty photo. While not as incredibly bright orange, users online continued with the #OrangeFace jokes and memes.

Anthony Brezincan tweeted, “Don’t let the #OrangeFace thing overshadow the fact that Trump committed even more federal crimes yesterday by retaliating against witnesses who testified honestly. Oh my God … I said “overshadow.” ?”

Others used the hashtag as a jumping-off point to discuss Trump’s recent acquittal by the Senate following his impeachment trial.

One Twitter user acknowledged that jokes were juvenile, but that that Trump’s tactic of putting on a painted face went deeper than just vanity, but represented the President’s level of narcissism and vanity.

Devin Duke tweeted, “People are saying the whole #OrangeFace thing is immature and petty, but there’s more to it. This image is indicative of a person who doesn’t have his mental faculties all squared up. He’s obsessed with his public image yet he manages to look like the next Joker.”

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