WATCH: Los Angeles ‘Karen’ Threatens Woman With Two Hammers & Black Neighbor Steps In

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The latest viral “Karen“ video, posted on June 13, shows a white woman in Los Angeles taking a pair of hammers to a car on her street. The owner of the car, Edy Perez, was not present for the attack, but a friend took the video. Perez shared a video of the woman smashing the car with hammers, as well as a second video, in which a black neighbor held the white woman by the hair and told her to stop being so racist.

Perez has since raised over $12,000 for car repairs via a GoFundMe. In the GoFundMe summary, Perez writes, “This Racist woman smashes my car in with two hammers for no reason. I don’t have full coverage insurance for my car so anything will help . She was arrested but later let go due to covid. Help fund me for repair or lawyer fees. Really anything helps.”

The white woman in the video has not been identified.

Here’s what you need to know:

WATCH: ‘Karen’ Wields Two Hammers as She Confronts the Videotaper

The above video reflects the first of two videos of this woman that were shared by Perez on Twitter. Perez didn’t give additional context for why this woman was attacking the car, beyond tweeting, “Bruh I hate racist ppl so much .. Im all the way in Miami while this dumbassbihh in LA f*cking my car up .. all cuz she racist and dont like us 😤😤😤”

In the video, the white woman says, ”Get the f*ck out of this neighborhood, you f*cking sh*t.” She encourages the woman recording the video to call the police, and the woman confirms to her that she is. While the woman taking the video calls the cops, the white woman kicks down a recycling can and yells, “Go back to Mexico.”

WATCH: Black Neighbor Gets Involved, Calls White Woman ‘Becky’ & Says She’s ‘Sick of’ Her

In the subsequent video above, a black neighbor has gotten involved in the altercation, and appears to have the white woman by her hair.

The white woman seemed to have been wielding a hose at the black neighbor, because they got into a scuffle over it, with the black neighbor telling her to turn it off, and calling her out for her apparent racism.

The black neighbor says in the video, “You got a problem, b*tch? Is there a problem, motherf*cker?”

She goes on to admonish the white woman for how she’d treated the woman videotaping her, saying, “Tell me to go the f*ck back somewhere, b*tch. Tell me.”

She then tells the woman to turn the hose off, saying, “I’m not a motherf*cker to be played with…you think that sh*t is cute, b*tch, but it ain’t, Becky…you racist motherf*cker… I’m sick of you, b*tch.”

Many online were quick to laud the black neighbor for stepping in. One GoFundMe supporter commented that the neighbor was a “personal hero.” Another person wrote on Twitter, “I’d rather call this woman than the police.”

The video has since been viewed over 6 million times.

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