WATCH: ‘Costco Karen’ in Oregon Refuses to Wear Mask, Sits on Floor

costco karen

Twitter The woman dubbed "Costco Karen."

A woman dubbed “Costco Karen” on Twitter refused to wear a mask and sat down on the floor of the Oregon warehouse store, videos that have gone viral on social media show.

According to Daily Mail, the encounter occurred at a Costco store in Hillsboro, Oregon. “Karen” is the negative name given to middle-aged white women who demand to speak to the manager or complain about minor slights.

“I’d like to see Costco Karen go toe-to-toe with Walmart Karen only to become allies after and take on Super Target Karen, who just had an impressive victory over HEB Plus Karen. All while Sears Karen is thinking “why the f*ck am I here? No one knows where the f*ck I am anymore!” joked one Twitter user about the number of “Karens” who have hit the news. However, some social media users applauded the woman, saying she was standing up for her rights. “I would have sat on the floor next to her! Go, Costco Karen!” wrote one. However, another social media user retorted, “It’s a free country, not a free Costco, Karen.”

You can watch the latest video here:

Here’s what you need to know:

The Woman Declared, ‘I Have Constitutional Rights’

The first video shows a worker trying to reason with the unidentified woman. She asks if the woman has a medical reason not to wear a mask, but the woman says she does not and declares, “I am a United States citizen!”

The worker says it’s private property, and the woman has to wear a mask, noting that something is dangling from the woman’s ear that appears to be a mask. “No, I am not a member of Costco,” says the woman, but the worker tells her that she has to put her mask on. “I will not,” declares the woman. The woman asks to speak to the manager, and the worker says he will tell the woman the same thing, but she will get him.

“Come back in another time,” says the worker. “That’s our policy.”

When the worker tells the woman, “We’re going to walk outside,” the woman sits on the ground inside the store.

“Can I get you a chair up front? There’s a place to sit. You want me to help you up? Are you sure?” says the worker. “Just stand off to the side.”

The woman gets up and moves, but she sits on the ground again inside the store. In the second half of the video, the general manager shows up, and he asks, “What can I do for you?” At that point, the woman declares, “I am an American. I have constitutional rights.”

So-Called ‘Karen’ Videos Have Hit the News

Permit Karen

Facebook/Fareed Nassor HyattSo-called “Permit Karen” was filmed yelling at her neighbors and calling the police on them when, they claimed, they were installing a stone patio in their backyard.

Many other videos of so-called Karens have hit the news lately. Some involve allegations of racism. A woman named Torrance Karen was accused of making racist remarks in a public park.

A woman named Permit Karen called the cops on her New Jersey neighbors. A Dallas, Texas “Karen” threw food out of a car when asked to wear a mask in a grocery store.

A Trader Joe’s Karen refused to wear a mask and went on a tirade.
A woman grew upset in a California Starbucks when asked to wear a mask.

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