Takeoff of the Rap Group Migos Accused of Rape

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Getty Takeoff of Migos attends The 2019 ESPYs at Microsoft Theater in 2019.

A member of the hip-hop trio the Migos has been accused of sexual assault. According to the Los Angeles Times, Takeoff of the Migos has been sued for rape. A woman who chose to remain unidentified filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles Superior Court that he raped her at a house party in June in Encino, California.

In legal documents obtained by XXL, Takeoff met the woman at a party that she came to with the Migos’ DJ, DJ Durel. Takeoff, born Kirshnik Khari Ball, began a conversation with the woman and offered her marijuana. During their talk, she declined both the marijuana and his advances.The woman also claimed that he stared at her during the party and it made her uncomfortable.

At some point during the party, the woman and DJ Durel were headed upstairs as Ball was coming downstairs.  Ball and DJ Durel allegedly began to argue and the woman separated herself from them and went into a bedroom upstairs. She said in the legal documents that Ball entered the room she was in and touched her behind.  She refused him once again but she claimed he ignored that forcibly rape her from behind.

The woman sought medical attention and XXL reported that examiners found evidence of forcible rape.

No Charges Have Been Filed Against Takeoff

Takeoff has not yet released a statement regarding the accusations, TMZ reported. They also stated that after the woman was examined at a nearby hospital,  they notified the Los Angeles Police Department. The woman is suing for sexual battery, assault, gender violence, false imprisonment, violation of civil rights, interference with civil rights and emotional distress and an undisclosed amount of money, XXL reported.

No charges have been filed against the “Motorsport” rapper but the woman’s attorney Neama Rahmani hopes that he will soon be charged and sentenced to time in a state prison.

“This rape happened approximately a month-and-a-half ago,” Rahmani told XXL. “No arrests have been made, no charges have been filed. So, hopefully between witnesses, additional evidence and the media’s spotlight on this case, the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office will do the right thing and move the criminal case forward.”

Takeoff’s Accuser Has Been “Terrified” Since the Alleged Attack

Rahmani said that her client has not been doing well since she that night she claimed the attack happened and is concerned for her safety.

“She’s terrified,” Rahmani told the L.A Times. “There’s a significant disparity in wealth and power. He’s a famous artist, he had security, there were weapons on the premises. She is someone who doesn’t have those resources and is also concerned about safety and retaliation. That adds an extra element in a case like this when he’s rich and powerful.”

She added that the LAPD has been quite sluggish in their investigation.

“I don’t want to disparage law enforcement, but I’ve never seen a case handled like this,” Rahmani continued. “It’s been a very drawn-out investigation and not much has been done. I’m hoping that after beginning discovery in this suit, other witnesses will come forward. We’re committed to supporting the criminal investigation, but the time for waiting for LAPD has passed.”

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